Things That Make My Life Easier Or Help Me Make More Money

May 4, 2022

I haven’t done a resource roundup in forever so here you go.

The theme of this round up are products and apps and newsletters that make my life easier or my business better. Next week: books and TV shows I’ve been loving.

Tell me which ones you end up using that work for you.

(I used Amazon affiliate links in some places — feel free to use the link only to get more info and then you buy elsewhere.)


Angel Kiss Facial Hair Remover
I have excess facial hair and have since puberty. This little cheap hair removal takes so much hair off, painless and fast.

Manta Sleep Mask
We have white blinds in our bedroom and when it’s a full moon, I don’t sleep well. Cue a sleep mask I actually want to wear.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars
In my quest to use less plastic, I made the switch to bar shampoo and conditioner. I like it! My hairdresser isn’t 100% sold on this brand but I think my hair looks as good as when I used the super expensive shampoo!

Shower Oil
My very dry skin is so happy and it smells fantastic. Note: most perfumes give me a headache but this does not at all. Note: you can buy refills to minimize plastic use.


I use Pocket to save articles to read later. This gives me something more interesting and fruitful to read then the news.

Typeshare is a simple way to write very short pieces and publish them to multiple places. The free verision is what I use.

Nick Cave writes a gorgeous newsletter about the creative process and about life.

StoryThings is always chock-a-block full of writing and story links.

All We Can Save is a favorite climate activism newsletter – gently supportive and always includes poetry!

StoryClub by George Saunders is a delight, free or paid!

Meat & Hair is a fun daily creative writing newsletter for all genres.

I have a list of tools I use in my biz right here and often update!


Create out Loud of course! New episode this week with Paco De Leon on money and creatives! Upcoming episodes with Andrea Scher and Ash Amberige!

If you missed this one about how to start a creative project when you are afraid, give a listen!


I’m wary of affirmations because research has shown they can make you feel worse but I like this TikTok trend where you turn an affirmation into a what if statement. It reminds me of my questions in The Woman’s Retreat Book and The Life Organizer.

I can’t eat much cane sugar without getting hives but I can eat a lot of Hu gems!

A handy jet lag calculator.


Did you know I’m on TikTok making short videos about how to make writing easier and more fun? I’m a total dork but having a blast.

Next week favorite recent books and TV shows!!

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