The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur

Jan 7, 2012

I’m always amazed at how calm and steady Pace Smith of Connection Revolution is whenever she is out there on the interwebs doing business. So when Pace wanted to talk about her upcoming class – The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur – I thought,

“Cool! Here’s a chance to learn how she does this peaceful thing.”

Boy did I learn a lot! In this conversation, Pace and I ponder:

* What effect the message “crush it” and “kick your own ass” has on would-be entrepreneurs – is it good, bad or does it depend on your personality?

* Being an empowering teacher without being an annoying authority or The middle ground between “You must do it my way” and “You could do it whatever way you want” (sure took me awhile to learn that one).

* The difference between true comfort and shadow comfort (a favorite subject of mine applied to self-employment).

* Why Jen is no longer the Comfort Queen

* Is there ever a time when it’s appropriate to force yourself to do something?

* Pace and Kyeli’s vow of peacefulness (I have taken one, too!)

* The importance of choosing a path wholeheartedly (wholeness rocks)

* Accepting the consequences of your choices. If I choose the peaceful path, others may rocket past me to their version of success, but I will not burn out. (or need excessive shadow comforts)

The audio lives here


P.S. Thank you to Pace and Kelly for giving one spot in The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur to one lucky TeachNow 2012 student. It’s an early bird lottery which includes a chance to win coaching with me and other goodies, and it’s only open to the first 48 people who register.


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