The Sexy Desire Drenched Embarrassment of Taking a Stand

Feb 20, 2011

Do you feel embarrassed when you take a stand for change?

Well, who doesn’t?

Who doesn’t feel a bit sheepish when she or he stands up straight and declares, “This is what I believe. This is what I see needs to change.”

It’s like any other deeply creative act – you feel vulnerable, humbled, connected to something larger than yourself, all of which can feel pretty damn daunting.

I say embrace embarrassment – let yourself be drenched in your desire for change – even if you don’t know what form it will take.
Especially if you don’t know what form it will take.

Stalk your desire, ask it to tell you about itself, blush when it tells you how brave you are for supporting it.

Let’s not confuse being a stand for change with knowing how to help it happen.

The protesters in Bahrain don’t know how democracy is going to take root but they are willing to try– and even die – to find out.

Maybe we get embarrassed and stop short because we’re afraid to have our hearts broken if what we most want doesn’t come to pass?

Here’s my video about being embarrassed – I’d be honored to hear your stories and feelings about taking a stand. What has helped? Or what are you ready to take a stand for today?

A related post by the amazing Desiree Adaway on Do Not Apologize that I swear she telepathically knew I needed.

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