Savor the Girl Effect

Nov 16, 2010

I am in the midst of changing my mission from helping women live full, healthy lives to helping women savor and save the world.

I’m letting go of my long time nickname (and URL) Comfort Queen and stepping into a whole new look and mission in the next few weeks. You’ll want to be sure and subscribe to the blog to know about the change over.

Today is a chance to preview my new mission as part of The Girl Effect Blog Campaign, created by the wonderful Tara Sophia Mohr.

What a perfect preview it is.

Picture me sitting down about 2:30 this afternoon to write this post.

I’m hep to the Girl Effect mission, familiar with the plight of girls in the developing world, huge Nick Kristof fan…

I look around the Girl Effect website, start reading the facts like “Approximately one-quarter of girls in developing countries are not in school” and “One girl in seven in developing countries marries before age 15.”

I get overwhelmed.

Within ten minutes of reading, I’m ready to crawl under my bed.

I try to force myself to write, to think of something smart to say.

Then I remembered the savor part of my mission – which, in a nutshell, simply means resting in the goodness of your heart and this moment no matter what.

I laced up my purple walking shoes and took a long walk by the water in a big ass windy storm.

The clouds scudded across a navy blue sky, the cattails sung, the scent of pine and fir and ocean and, step by step, I breathed into my heart.

I stopped trying to fix anything or write something smart.

I stopped dodging the hope and the hurt of stories like Addis’.

I stopped and breathed and savored the beauty of the day and made room for how much gratitude I have for the incredible choices my daughter has, for the safety of her life and I made room for my sorrow, my rage, and my hope to do something to help the world.

I’m not saying opening our hearts is enough – not at all! We must take direct action to save the world. Yet without beauty and nature and open hearts, we’ll crumple. We’ll hide under the bed. We’ll give up.

So breath into your heart, relax your jaw, watch the video, and visit the Girl Effect website and learn more. And take your open heart with you.

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