The Art of Tiny Transitions & Why They Matter

The Art of Tiny Transitions & Why They Matter by Jennifer Louden

Here is a video I recorded earlier this year. I thought it was particularly poignant to share with you now because I am in the midst of a giant transition, writing this from a friend’s ranch in Montana before we finish our epic drive to our new house in Colorado.

I also wanted to share this short video about tiny transitions because bringing attention and love to those daily and weekly intersections makes navigating the big changes much less destabilizing – and even fun! – something I learned earlier this year when we made it a regular practice to pay attention to these tiny transitions, to be aware and curious there, during some of the Oasis calls.

I hope you find this video useful.

(Click the image above to watch the video or click here to view on YouTube.)



P.S. The last Summer Oasis call is tomorrow. We will be focusing on letting go and planting seeds for the fall. Join us – I’ll be leading from my new studio space!

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