The Antidote to Imposed Haste

Dec 9, 2015

This blog post was made possible by the wise women of the Oasis.

“Imposed haste.” Can you feel the looming tyranny of that phrase pressing on your chest?

Imposed haste: “generations beyond the beyond” pushing you to do more, accomplish more, to “show them” you are enough.
Imposed haste: “the imposition is both internal—the nagging voice of more, faster, better—and external—sometimes people literally telling me to “hurry the &*^# up,” but usually more subtle suggestions about what pace of life is “normal.”
Imposed haste: “how powerful the tribe and siren’s call of wanting approval are for me.” If you hurry up to accomplish more, you belong.
Imposed haste: “I often feel overwhelmed by the social pressure to be quicker, do more, multitask, but a good poem reminds me that I don’t really value that way of moving in the world.” Do not value.
Imposed haste: “It reminds me this is something I actually have control over.”
Imposed haste: “It’s an illusion.”

Imposed haste. Whether from technology’s design, ancestor’s cries, your 3am fears about the credit card bill, imposed haste weighs on you like a funeral shroud (excuse the old-fashioned reference, I’ve been reading Dickens).

It sneaks up on you and hisses, “You think that was enough?” and “If that was enough, why stop now?” It robs you of living, because living is something that is going to happen later.

The antidote?

Step out of time with me now.
Let go of whatever you’ve been doing, hurrying to tick off your list, worried about.
Don’t yet step into whatever you will do or think about next.
Slip into being with me instead.
Luxuriate, right now, in this moment.
In the simple feeling of just being.
Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to take care of.
You were born knowing how to be.
You were born as being.
Bathe in your true nature: ever present being.
Let this moment expand with you – no boundaries, no time, no ending, no beginning.
Remembering your true nature: being itself.
Becoming being.

Being never leaves you. Even as you decide to click away and go on to your next task, please keep the feeling of being ever present with you.

Imposed haste heckles, “Not enough.”
Being says, “Ahhh. Complete. Right now.”
Being doesn’t make imposed haste wrong; it accepts it because being is always present, and then imposed haste falls away.

Be more than rushing.
Because you are.



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