The Smell of Books or TeachNow Round-Up!

Apr 6, 2013

Photo by Tracey Clark

My first teaching experience was pulling my mom’s college textbooks down from the top of the hall closet and “teaching” my dolls whatever it was I thought I was “reading.”  I can still smell mom’s books and feel the excitement my memory pairs with that smell: the excitement of something previously hidden opening to me.

The sweet nervous flutter of learning.

I know you know what I mean because you are learner lover, too. You search out that flutter of newness and discovery, the tug of curiosity rewarded… It’s a good reason to be alive, isn’t it!

Some of us curious types go into teaching and some of those teachers take my program TeachNow. Today, it’s my pleasure and honor to share upcoming courses from a few of our 650 TeachNow alums. Drum roll please…

Henri Junttila is re-launching his Lifestyle Liberation Academy in April, for people who want to transform their passion into an information-based business online, one that not only changes their own lives, but also changes the lives they touch.

TeachNow inspired Henri to think bigger and bolder, helped him focus on how to be the best teacher he could be, and to create the best course he could create, while enjoying the process and taking care of himself.

Sasha Cagen, author of Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics, and To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us, is launching  GetQuirky, which she created using the course design lessons she learned in TeachNow.

GetQuirky is a 30-day interactive journey of reflection and playful self-discovery to celebrate the quirky in you and in the world around you. Sasha’s goal is to help you celebrate your unique self and path through life. You will go on a safari of quirkiness and creativity through your own life: writing, taking photos, reflecting, and feeling your unique creative spark and sharing it with others. There will even be dancing for those who dare!

Rosa Conti felt courageously inspired to create her first self-help ebook after finally ‘owning’ her unique voice and talents in 2012, as a result of taking TeachNow. Happy & Healthy is a Choice: A Spiritual Workbook on Radical Self-Care and Self-Love is a spiritual workbook that offers practical, spiritual, and loving guidance on finding your way back to ‘center’ through inspiration, self-reflection, and reuniting with your human-spiritual connection.

Donna Druchunas, inspired and spurred on by what she learned in TeachNow has begun holding intimate Dyeing to Knit retreats, at her private studio in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Come and spend three days in October 2013, knitting with Donna and dyeing yarn with Cheryl Potter in a tiny mountain community surrounded by lakes and rivers.

The confidence and teaching juju Donna picked up in the TeachNow program have made her Let’s Knit Some Socks! series some of the most popular knitting classes on the internet. Learn at your own pace to knit toe-up socks in the Knit Sock Workshop, or expand your skills to customize and even design your own hand-knit socks in Knit Original Toe Up Socks or Knit Original Cuff Down Socks.

Sarah G. Stevenson invites you to the Create Explore Discover Art Retreat, an intimate 3-day art and creativity retreat held in Truckee, California, each October. Along with 4 other instructors, Sarah leads small group sessions in mixed media art, knitting, and photography.

As the leader of the retreat, Sarah incorporates many of the lessons she learned from taking Teach Now throughout the entire retreat.

Rachel Schultz created a free mini-course, Overcome Overwhelm, to help women like you create real solutions for managing your daily life and overcome the overwhelm you feel each day. Learn how to live with more clarity, focus, productivity, wholeness and happiness.

TeachNow gave Rachel the gift of permission and the tools to move forward. She hasn’t been stagnant since!

Melissa Dinwiddie is currently launching Your Big, Bold, Creative Life Academy, a 6-month 13-module transformational program for women, based on her forthcoming book, Your Big, Bold, Creative Life: A User’s Manual. Both the course and the book are designed to empower you to liberate your unique, creative voice, bust your self-installed glass ceilings, and get you from dreaming to DOING.

Melissa says, “I’m so grateful to TeachNow for the inspiration and confidence to share my expertise and experience, and mold it into a course that will make a difference for people!”

Rozlyn Warren, CHt, ESLC says, “TeachNow was a powerful influence in the creation of my Dancing With YOUR Sacred Money Archetypes introductory workshop. Most importantly in the area of ‘appropriate dosing.’ How much information is too much? I had a habit of over-delivering to the point that my clients were drowning. TeachNow showed me how to break the material into actionable portions, which allowed my clients to integrate and really use all the great material I was presenting. Since transforming lives is my mission, this is so much more satisfying to me as a teacher!”

Participants in the Introductory Workshop take a quick, incredibly accurate assessment to determine their top three (of eight) Sacred Money Archetypes, and then go on to learn how living in (or out of) alignment with their Archetypes impacts their lives and businesses. Rozlyn says, “It’s true that the way you do money is the way you do everything.”

Christine Castigliano and Jackie Levin, took TeachNow to fine-tune their upcoming one-day retreat in Port Gamble, WA: Good Girl, Bad Girl and the Authentic Woman: Transforming the Perfectionist and the Rebel.

“We feel the rise of the feminine spirit, urging us to create and connect. But it can be tough to show up for what’s calling you if you’re pleasing everyone else (Good Girl) or avoiding what’s real (Bad Girl). In this playful one-day retreat in a beautiful barn overlooking mountains and sea, we invite the Good Girl and Bad Girl in all to join us on the path to greater authenticity at work and home.”

Lisa Sonora Beam (with Max Daniels, another Teach Now alum) is offering For Love & For Money, a workshop that expands on her book, The Creative Entrepreneur.

Here’s what she has to say about her workshop and about TeachNow, “You want to do what you love, and you want to make money. This is creative entrepreneurship and it’s not as easy as it looks, especially if you’re an emotional, sensitive creature. Jen Louden and TeachNow helped me put my own air mask on first and take better care of myself. Even as an experienced facilitator, there was so much for me to learn about self-compassion and managing my energy, especially while coping with low energy due to health issues. I *heart* Jen & TeachNow!”

Join Mahala Mazerov for the Radiant Inner Silence retreat, a small gathering of amazing women practicing meditation, contemplative movement, and silence June 21st – 25th in rural New Mexico.

Mahala believes, “We are magnificent beings of untapped love, compassion and wisdom, and we need silence and stillness to give these qualities room to emerge.” She says one of the most powerful aspects of TeachNow was Jen and Michele’s complete transparency during the course. She plans to lead her retreats in the same way, letting participants know why she is doing a specific practice, and sharing with authenticity and delight.

Dr. Deborah Zawislan, Executive Wellness Coach, credits TeachNow with giving her the solid foundation she needed to offer her first Living Well Retreat Day.

Spring is here, summer is coming! NOW is a perfect time for creating your wellness plan. Your wellness plan can help you manage stress, stay fit, prevent rapid aging, be healthy and add zest to your life. During this retreat you will assess your overall wellness, prioritize area(s) that need attention, identify your 90-day goal, and create an action plan for getting started.

Enrollment is currently open for Mara Glatzel’s Body Loving Homework Live group coaching course, for women yearning to usher more love and trust for themselves into their lives. Within a supportive community, participants work to re-author the stories that no longer serve them and begin chasing what lights them up.

Mara says, “This course reflects one of the things that I most loved about TeachNow — the breaking down of the barrier between participant and teacher, and focus on building a community for mutual growth.”

Joy Agcongay says, “TeachNow gently pushed–I mean, inspired–me to co-lead my first live workshop, pause, paint & ponder: a quiet weekend of intuitive painting and deep listening, May 4-5 in Oakland, CA. You’ll practice intuitive painting, deep listening and exploration through gentle movement, journaling and paint in a safe, supportive environment.

We’ll play with practices for rejuvenation, restoration and healing. But mostly, you’ll paint in order to connect deeply with your inner artist-self-intuition-wisdom. No painting experience necessary. You don’t even need to think you have an inner artist! (Introvert-friendly event!)”


What a delicious mix of courses and retreats! I hope one of these offers speaks to you, and I hope to see you in TeachNow (doors close Tuesday to new students)

To Your Love of Learning,


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