Summer (or winter) needs you!

May 29, 2019

The impetus behind this mini-course of support that starts today was hearing myself describe to my husband Bob my plans for this summer. I told him that I’m going to train for a “heavy” trail half marathon, go on a three-week, unplugged UK vacation, hang out with friends, read tons, plan my book launch, write the second draft of my book, take care of my Mastermind writers,  create new content every week for the Oasis, AND plan our fall launch of Get Scary S**t Done…

Maybe it was the horror on his face that snapped me awake, or maybe it’s the work I do every week with the Oasis to live with intention and focus, but I pulled myself up short and got real.

We can scurry, hurry, try to squeeze in all in, fall down exhausted…

We can be vague, hope for the best, dream big, feel bad and lose momentum when we fall short…


We can listen to our desires and embrace our human-scaled life! That’s the sweet spot we’re going to explore over the next five days.

Watch the short video, comment about what you discover, ask any questions you have, and let this process of making what you want over these next three months begin!


Jettison Self-Doubt and Lose the Itty-Bitty-Shitty Committee and Make Your Thing Now

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