Stuck? Scattered? Procrastinating? This might help!

Want to get your bother on starting now?

Read the first chapter from my new book for a jolt of fresh perspective and possibility, and a radical reframe on what to do when you are feeling lost, blah, unmotivated, or burned out, in any area of your life or for any reason — even success!

I am clearly NOT a believer in boot camps, pushing yourself relentlessly, or any kind of yelling at your sweet self.

Because that kind of approach never produces the long-term results you want and often sends you skittering back to draining habits, self-judgement, and procrastinating as a way to manage your anxiety.

All the research shows self-kindness and self-compassion are much more effective for making real change.

If pushing yourself and willing yourself to do stuff doesn’t work for you especially during the pandemic, but you still have things you want to do that you aren’t getting to or getting clear about then please check out my brand-new Procrastination Survival Kit.

This isn’t a course. It’s a pithy short comforting series of audios (plus videos! plus bonuses!) to empower and equip you to get unstuck and in action— whatever your desire, dream, or goal is!

Find Out More about Your Procrastination Survival Kit here.

I’ve specifically designed this Kit to be a balm for these particular weird times when you might be having an extra hard time staying focused or in action or even feeling any desire. If you feel distracted, frustrated, overwhelmed, or just plain scattered, this is for you. 

I’ll teach you processes that are time-tested, gentle, and will help you use this odd hard time to make incremental human-scaled progress. I’ll be right there with you, supporting you.

Here’s to getting your stuff done more consistently with more joy and energy.

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