Stop Giving Away the Store

Jan 25, 2013

I’m giving myself a big long chocolate-scented hug because I just caught myself giving away my store again. Which is something I will not allow myself to do anymore. No ma’am, I will not.

Did you know that giving away your store (aka over-providing, over-giving, giving it all away) hobbles you from inviting the ease and creating the support you desire?

Well now you do.

Repeat after me:

“I value myself enough to ask for and get support I need. That means charging what I am worth. That means making clear requests to others. That means saying no when I mean no instead of yes. That means ending over-giving with lots of self-compassion.”

Notice how I skillfully took your attention away from me giving away my store? Ha. Okay here’s the story: I’m offering my Mastermind course at 50% off. That’s cool. It’s beautiful course. It is the only thing like it anywhere. It will help you get the peer support you want and need to thrive. Good stuff.

A 50% off sale is not giving the store away. Almost but not quiet. But here is where I got goofy: If you get a group going by March 1st, I enter you to win a session of coaching with me (that would worth $250 bucks) and if you convene your first meeting by March 1st, I give you a copy of my famed Satisfaction Finder (worth 42$). (The Satisfaction Finder is one of the best things I’ve ever created.)

Now do the math: If you get a group going, you either end up spending $8 for $142 worth of my very good stuff OR if you win coaching, I pay you $242.

That, my dear, is giving away the store.

So watch me practice self-care and valuing my work publicly. The sale and the contest now ends Monday January 28th (instead of March 1st – oh my god I am adorable – what was I thinking??). My learning to end my pattern of over-providing is your gain – but only for a few more days.



P.S. I love learning in public because it makes it so much harder to go backwards. Plus, if you ever start to give your store away again, think of me and don’t.



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