Savoring & Serving

May 19, 2011

An occasional round up of Savoring & Serving inspirations from my heart to yours:

The Work that Goes into Magic

In which the fab Colleen writes things like “I suspect that kings lose kingdoms because they have no one around them willing to argue against their own fortune in service of the crown’s. It’s really, really easy to eat Cheetos and believe your own press—a lot easier than doing the hard work of change, or the scary work of facing up to things (and working, regardless).”

Servant Leadership

I balled like a baby because there is a transmission in this video about serving and how deeply we want to do it and what it can look like. Eric is our guest at the Savor & Serve Cafe, by the way, that’s the kind of wisdom we tap into every month.

Bird Note

Tuesday’s Bird Note is a quick hit of spiritual grounding. Click on the links to play right away or download. Then listen to this lovely reading of Wendell Berry’s beloved poem.

Yoga Mom in the Closet

Something about this local story about a yoga teacher and yoga mom finding how to balance serving and savoring really stuck with  me.


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