Savor & Serve October Love Lights for You

Nov 2, 2012

Are you weary of disasters? Exhausted by tragedy? Worn about by the scope of world wide suffering?

If so, you are not alone. As the planet changes with global warming and we deal with living in a hyper-connected world, compassion fatigue is a big issue for all of us loving aware types.

Here’s one way to soothe yourself:

Acknowledge how you are feeling—numb, irritated, tired, blasé. Do not judge yourself for not wanting to send money or collect food. Do not judge yourself for wanting to change jobs and become a disaster relief specialist and save everyone. Instead, greet your self just as you are. Even a few breaths of this will be so helpful and you can’t skip this step or phone it in.

Notice any way you have been affected by the storm—worrying about a friend, changing travel plans, wonder about weather patterns. Feel into what has touched you.

Use that which you feel as a bridge to connect you to the wider world of people affected. Imagine a net of connections—not as a drag on you or as something you must take care of but as a comforting “we are in this thing called life together.” Feel held. Send out love. Give and receive.

See if from this place there is a natural life giving action you wish to take to serve. For me, it was texting a friend love in the after storm stress, giving my taxi driver in Seattle a good tip because his fares had slowed way down, dedicating prayers, reading about the connection to global warming (good article) and being grateful for my own well-being.

Finally, accept that you are human and are just one wave helping the ocean flow along. The ocean needs and appreciates you and it has a lot more waves helping.

A Journaling Practice for You

How did you use your gifts in the month of October?

Study your calendar for the last month. Ask yourself, “What gifts did I call upon to do that?” Made a great playlist for your BFF? Name your gift of curation, good listening, great taste. Talked a friend down from high drama? Name your compassion. Shipped a project? Name your determination, courage, and ability to play well with others.

Please do this — it will be useful, I promise.

Lovely News Bits

Savoring Your Heart’s Whispers: Exploring the Next Spiral of Your Shero’s Journey in the New Year
Two one day retreats in January — join me in Berkeley or on my island, Bainbridge Island.
Each retreat must be limited to 24 women.

This will be a special day of turning within to listen to what you know, of building on self-trust, of playing, of claiming gifts to use in the new year, of poetry, movement, and growling. Yes, growling.

October Blog

15 Radical Ways to Get Unstuck
Most popular post this month. A great one if I may say so myself.

Listening Deeply with Mark Nepo
An audio interview with poetry, tears, and love.

A Woman of Wholeness
A love poem written to you.

What I am Reading

Into the Heart of Yoga with Danna Faulds
A spiritual memoir with a yoga background—quiet, real, wise.

MisAdventures of a Garden State Yogi by Brian Leaf
Another yoga influenced memoir, Brian made me snort, tear up, and grow. Also if you have a guy in your life who likes yoga, perfect gift!


Pay attention to reality. It is a much kinder teacher than any voice in your head.

In service to your magnificent wholeness,

Jenny Be

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