Did You Savor and Serve in February?

Mar 1, 2014

You may have noticed I’ve skipped the last two months of this “recap” newsletter. I just haven’t felt like doing it.

I kept thinking I wanted to reinvent this form, come up with something new… which became a bigger and bigger project in my mind… then another month went by without me writing to you (or at least those of you on my monthly list, the rest of you have gotten a regular post)… which then led me to feel overwhelmed, which is never helpful.

Here’s what I finally realized. I needed to just tell you, “Hey, not sure what I’m doing, but I’m still here!”

Because sometimes you don’t know what you’re doing, and I hope you give yourself permission to moddle and ponder until the next move becomes clear. And if your moodling backs you into a corner, I hope you do something.

Here’s what I got right now for you, with a hug and a grateful bow:

Favorite Blog Posts

My Secret Favorite Inspirational Books
A look at my favorite “secret” inspirational books, the ones I have turned to for years that you may not have heard of.

The Best Thing I Know About Aging
Why – and how – I’ve come to love aging.

How do you make a life organizer app???
A behind-the-scenes look at developing The Life Organizer app – the Android version launches today!

Where I’ve Been Around the Web

My conversation with Brené Brown for her Daring Interview Series
A radio interview on Smart Creative Women with Monicalee 

Best Thing I’ve Read Lately

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd
The first half wasn’t doing it for me but so glad I stuck with it – what a powerful story of women’s desires.

Favorite TV Show

Bletchley Circle
Fantastic! Season 2 starts soon.

What I Can’t Stop Thinking About

The pivot or choice moment when we look around and say, “I can’t do this anymore.” I may be writing a book about this moment.

With a wave of spring sunshine,


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