Sarah Selecky and Jen Talk Writing + Nitty Gritty Inspiration

Jul 15, 2015

I love love love finding fantastic resources to share with you. I hear regularly from you that it is one of the ways I serve you best – by turning you on to superb resources, wise teachers, and wonderful writers.

Today I am sharing a little bit of all three of those via writer and writing teacher Sarah Selecky. In this almost hour-long audio interview, I plumb her wisdom for help with my own book and ask her about:

  • How to handle the push/pull between “dissolving into the image” and teaching something.
  • How writing “about” dilutes our prose and our power as writers.
  • Reading for structure and what books I am using for “install models” for my barn burned down book.
  • How to find and decide on your project’s structure. Hint: “Your book is much smarter than you are. So if you try to impose something upon it before it has told you what it really is, you only get smaller than it really is.” (Click to tweet.)
  • Is Sarah a traitor to the short story!?! How her dedication to creative honesty helps her writing and her business thrive.
  • “We are touched by the things that are honest. You can never outsmart that. It’s smarter than your thoughts.” Oh, you will love this!
  • How Sarah manages her teaching, her business, and her own writing.

There is so much heart and so many useful gems in this talk – please download and relish.

(Click the link above to listen to the audio recording or right-click here to download.)



P.S. And please do check out Sarah’s writing programs, which I recommend very highly. The beautifully designed, shining with clarity, self-paced Story is a State of Mind or the highly supportive The Story Intensive, which provides you with a TA, interaction with Sarah, and a wonderful small group. If you want to build your craft and take your writing to the next level, give these programs a good look.

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