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What do you want this project to do for you? Grow your biz, elevate your thought leadership, clarify your body of work? And how do you want to grow as a person? A leader? A writer?
Try to write it in two sentences. See if you can write something that is transformational when your just right reader hears it. 1. The Big Idea behind The Upside of Stress is stress doesn’t have to be bad for you. In fact, it could make you happier and healthier if you change your mind about it. 2. The Big Idea behind Buddha’s Brain is you can change your brain to be like the brain of the Buddha and other great teachers. 3. The Big Idea behind Why Bother? is it’s a normal feeling and the way out is to feel desire again. 4. The Big Idea behind Caste is there is a hidden caste system in America that shapes our systems and behavior, creating horrible inequality and suffering
As it pertains to your subject matter or expertise? Try to use their words to describe what they are searching for. How to lead a team when they don’t want to be a leader? How to get their kids to sleep? How to talk about their service based business so people will hire them?
What will they know how to do or what will they understand when they read the very last page?
For Why Bother? my reader fears they would never feel passion or desire again, that part or all of their life would be a slog or at best feel comfortable, that they had somehow taken a wrong turn or made such a mistake or were so ill they could never care and feel that surge of interest and joy again.
A promise is your Big Idea brought to life. In Why Bother? I promise you will rediscover desire. In The Upside of Stress, Kelly promises you a whole new way to look at and approach stress that can make you healthier and happier. What’s your promise?
What will be around your book in the bookstore or on Amazon? What is the eco-systsem of your book?
If so, tell me all about it. If not, tell me why not.

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