Please Look in the Mirror


Ever think about how incredibly dependent humans are? You can’t survive without near constant instruction for a very long time. We big-headed mammals need to be taught how to do everything from what’s safe to eat to how to tie our shoes. Shoot, we even have to be taught how to breastfeed!

You would have died without teachers.

And once the literal aspects of staying alive were taken care of, where would your career, your relationships, your art be without all the teachers who have offered you their diamond insights, just-right info, healing stories, and above all, witnessing of your talents?

Some of my teachers:
Dad:: “Never step on someone else to get where you want to go.”
Pema:: “Place your attention gently on the out breath.”
Lilly:: “Yes, mom, you can so stop saying you can’t.”
Mrs. Ray, my 7th-grade English teacher:: “You should be a writer.”

In the space of one inhale and exhale, think of all the people who have taught you something, offered you some tidbit of knowing… just this week.

Ready for the kicker? All those teachers who taught you? They did it out of love.

Love for you, love for the right way to boil pasta, love for success, love for wisdom itself. It doesn’t matter why. What matters is that so much has been given to you. Not because you earned it or deserved it. Just because often the world works that way.

Teaching is generosity in action.
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Wait, there’s more:

If you find yourself gobsmacked with gratitude for all the knowledge streaming to you, do so in front of a mirror.

Because you are one of those teachers that someone reading this would thank.

Look in the mirror and breathe that in.

Stand in the elemental truth that you are always a teacher and a student. If it makes your legs tremble, if you shake your head in wonderment, good.

We are all so lucky.

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Jennifer Johns - March 29, 2014

Hi Jen (great name by the way), I couldn’t figure out how to contact you on your website so thought I would write you here. I am a teacher of teachers and am currently transitioning into reaching many more through the wonders of the internet. I have been a Howard Gardner fan for too many years to count and think there has got to be a better way to teach online than lecturing and using worksheets! I believe in modeling the kind of teaching I want others to do! So I think I have found the right place. I would love to sign up for the TeachNow course, but have a question. I will be involved in a conference on April 4 during the time of the call and am wondering if it will be recorded so that I can listen to it after the conference is over? I live in NM and love Natalie Goldberg! Looking forward to getting acquainted and connecting with you. Thanks for your reply.
Another Jen

    Jennifer - March 31, 2014

    Jennifer great name also! My contact form is under about but this works fab, too. YES there is a better way to teach on line then lecturing and using worksheets and as the technology continues to evolve it will get even better. The free sampler class on April 3rd will be recorded and sent out to everyone on the list. Are you on the Teach Now list? It’s here You can listen in and see if it’s a good fit! Love to have you or help you find what will support you in teaching and spreading your great work. 🙂

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