Please Delight in Writing (Creative Sunbeam #1)

Jan 20, 2022

Brava / Bravo for being alive – another day is yours to savor.

I know the world may feel dim and troubled and yet your creative life can still glow with delight and attention.

In fact, it’s never more important than when the world is troubled to tend your own creative life.

To help that happen, I’m going to beam creative sunlight your way for the next five days.

Because we all need some light right about now.


When you find yourself doing this while writing

Try this instead:

Write down every question you can think of about your writing project or writing in general, except the ones from your itty-bitty-shitty that stink of self-doubt like “Can I do this?” or “Will it work?” or “Why am I such a bad writer?”

Forget about those questions, they’re aren’t real, they’re your emotional immune system trying to trick you.

“It’s very likely that the universe is really a kind of a question, rather than the answer to anything,” philosopher technologist Kevin Kelly.

Now get up and go someplace new. It can be the inside of your closet with the doors closed, walking down a street in your neighborhood you never venture down, crawling under your kitchen table – make it fast and easy, but someplace you haven’t been lately or ever.

Notice – three things you see, two things you hear, and one thing you feel, taste, and smell.

Go back to your desk and choose one question you listed. Explore your question for five to ten minutes using the prompt, “There wasn’t really one answer…”

What happens when you let yourself take in freshness and unexpectedness rather than just sit at your desk and what happens when you don’t need to provide answers as a writer?

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