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Introducing A Week of Looking Inward

One question posted each day this week for you to ponder in your own journal, on a walk, on your yoga mat, or over at our 7 Questions Facebook page.

Allow these offerings to turn you toward the source of your own wisdom. Take them as invitations to be lived rather than questions to be solved.

Today’s offering is from writer and teacher Patti Digh.

Question: Where have I learned and lived in 2011? In my head, in my body, or both? What would living more fully in my body in 2012 bring to me? How can I embody life and learning as I move through this liminal space between now and next? How can I more fully learn from the neck down in 2012?

In our hyper-intellectualized disembodied world, we sometimes allow technology to take the place of our bodies, don’t we? We sit, with only our arms moving as we type. We’ve even begun to distrust what our bodies say to us. Instead, we learn from the neck up, when learning from the neck down and fully embodying life will provide us with such greater riches. What do you allow yourself to really feel in your body, without the need to clarify, intellectualize, provide proof, capture with data, or block? What can you allow yourself to really feel in your body in 2012?

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Visual Themes - December 26, 2011

For me this is a powerful question. It is an important one for me because I suffer with irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and mild fibromyalgia. Each day I deal with the challenge of being and form. Being with form. I am a being with form.

I had a spiritual awakening which was very powerful. For many years I felt awareness as free and without boundaries. This is not a physical knowledge.

To help me appreciate my life, that I have form and am a person – I must work hard.

First I acknowledge that I am human. Second I am learning that is sacred. To be human, to be vulnerable.

I am learning I must be mindful and intentional about self love. At the moment I am on holiday and am able to work on self portraits – and it helps me.

Loving myself – loving the form I feel, see, touch, hear and smell. I need to slow down – stop rushing, stop running.

In 2011 I had a lot of pressure at work. I got lost trying to prove myself. I immersed myself in technology. Technology was the big thing.

As a creative I know that technology can be used to express your voice. I believe we come here to do that.

I must be grounded and be present. This is not just a spiritual thing. Learning to appreciate beauty means not just nature but my human beauty.

I’m unlearning the prejudices that say – beauty is not old, for I am aging. I am approaching my mid fifties.

I would like to begin a muscle toning self love practice. I need a really gentle one. I would also like to lose some weight.

This means some emotional work. And self compassion, for I have suffered. I’m owning that.

    Gwen Hutchinson - December 26, 2011

    Fibromyalgia, R.A., weight gain, and AGING. ..”I Hear Ya !”…but what can I do? Knowing the problem doesn`t make it go away.
    Add DIVORCE, aging parent, and being single to the stew….it`s a wonder I can get out of bed in the morning.
    Then, I count my blessings…4 beautiful, amazing grandchildren, 2 handsome sons and their loving, kind spouses, ….I can see, I can hear, I can still walk most days…and I have friends…so, what can I complain about?
    And I can reach out and make more friends online…as I have started to do since I retired 6 months ago.
    When everything is considered, the “picture” is not all that bad!

SusanT66 - December 31, 2011

Being grounded in my body is key for me as I move into 2012. In 2011 I had a real sense of my purpose and was able to move into a position that allowed me to live that and serve in the way I wanted. However I soon became overloaded by stress and abandoned those very practices that had led to insight in the first place: yoga, meditation , journalling, living in the Now . I defaulted back to my headspace and turned to the usual crutches to see me through: comfort eating, alcohol. Now in this space of holiday I see a choice : to live my purpose as a fully embodied , connected woman or to spiral off down the road of destruction that is all too familiar. I am so grateful that I even have this choice!

    jenniferlouden - December 31, 2011

    boy do I completely understand! may we both remember what feeds life and truth, and replenish ourselves at that spring daily

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