The Price of Publicly Offering Your Heart

Jan 18, 2014

I wrote on Facebook this week that “launching has become my spiritual practice.” By that I mean, the extremely vulnerable practice of sharing my work has become a powerful way to grow into my true life.

My prayer has become:

Offer yourself to your world with wholeness and fierce devotion, and learn from that.
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I know the course can help you do this, to live you true life.

And I get it: you’re bombarded by juicy courses and retreats. How to choose? Why choose me? Do you have time for anything?

Here’s the thing: The Life Organizer Navigation Course is the uber course to navigate everything in your life, including which courses to take!

Honestly, it will teach you a LIFELONG SET OF TOOLS to handle life when it all gets to be too much, when you can’t find your glasses, let alone the shape of your true life.

And the benefits will far outlast this first quarter of 2014.

To prove that, here’s a “how to decide which course to take” decision checklist.

1. Look at your calendar. How much time does the course require? Do you really have the time? I’m honest about that (75-90 minutes weekly for the class + a few minutes throughout your day + optional small group every other week).

And you can easily download the calls and transcripts to learn on your schedule.

2. Ask yourself, ‘Do I hope this course will fix me?’ If the answer is yes, it usually means the course copy is promising pie-in-the-sky changes or selling the ideal (fantasy) life. I’m so over that crap.

3. Make a quick list of what you hope will be different if you take the course. Don’t look for big changes, but more like, “I will learn to trust myself more of the time,” “I will have tools to lower my stress,” and “I will learn to observe my beliefs about a given situation, and to have more choice.” Oh, by the way, you will learn those and lots more from The Life Organizer Navigation Course.

4. What’s the value? I think course inflation is wrong. If a course is super expensive, I want to know why.

5. Can I afford it? No? Don’t take it. And I always ask myself, “Are my spending choices reflecting the life I want or the life I’m settling for?” and “Am I spending money on things I don’t really want instead of what I truly desire?”

(The Early Bird price is $288 and you can pay it in 2 installments of $144. If you don’t like the course, I am offering a 90 Day Coaching Back Guarantee of a one-on-one session with me. So you get what you need no matter what.)

6. Does the teacher care about my learning or are they dumping material? Are they available to answer my questions? Course overwhelm is a sign of a lazy teacher, not a generous one.

7. If I still can’t decide, I schedule a date on my calendar to make a firm decision (always by the early bird deadline, which is today) and I let that decision be in the back of my heart until then.

8. I know whatever I choose, I am enough and life will keep offering itself to me, to learn and grow. I just need to keep listening.

Save $100 bucks and make a decision today. Click here to register now for the course that shows you how to make your life your own.



P.S. If you’re still on the fence, you have until January 21st to register at the full price of $388.

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