But Now you Know

Oct 14, 2011

You know that moment when your soul’s curtain parts and you see – with searing clarity – a life long pattern as if for the first time?

Oh of course you thought you knew this pattern – and you did – but you didn’t.

You knew it like something written backwards on a mirror in disappearing ink.

But now – by some act of grace – you know.

Yes, you may well forget again. So what?

For now, get down on your knees and thank all that you call sacred.

Bask in the knowing. Festoon your heart’s mind, your mind’s heart, in roses of gratitude.

Doesn’t freedom feel so damn good?

I’m down on my knees with you, seeing and celebrating.

In Related News

Last October my friend Marianne (and the best yoga teacher!) raised $15,000 for HIV/AIDS projects in South Africa and helped more than 300 people get their yoga on with her first Karma Yoga month.

You pay-what-you-think-its-worth for her fab-tab-ulous 30 Days of Yoga course, and she donates 60% of what you pay to some great causes (Marianne spent years working in human rights and development, so she knows a good cause when she sees one). You really can do good and be well. Sign up here



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