Now is the Time. Better than Any Other. Ever.

Now is the time. Better than any other. Ever.

Can you feel the thrum of it, the unseen current, the insistent love of it?

Now is the time to act on what beckons, what eats at you, what you have turned your back on 10,000 times.

Oh yes, oh yes! You say!

You gloriously, boldly grab your pen, your business plan, your camera, your heart and run to the door…

But wait… you pause on the threshold, hand on the knob.

A sudden need to — call the bank, text your kid, serve a client, scrub the sink, sign up for that course, make a better shinier plan for this thing you are really almost really ready to start — tugs you back.

You want to start, and you will, but first you must…

Friend, hear me like a bell rung in your soul’s ear: Choosing is your art.

Choosing is why are you here.

Every time you abdicate choice – look for the right way, scramble for the formula, wait for the seal of approval, or deny what you know you want – you turn away from your art and your life’s deep purpose.

Choosing is your art.

Tie yourself to the mast of what is calling you. It truly does not matter if you have turned away so many times your neck is almost broken by regret.

Throw open your arms and welcome the consequences of choosing. Humble yourself in service to what asks to be born through you.

Now is the time. Better than any other. Ever.



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