Write Better in Community

Your Non-Fiction Writer’s Mastermind

with best-selling award-winning author and writing coach 

Jennifer Louden

Write Better is a group coaching extravaganza that gives you the focus, the guidance, the process, and the accountability to finally get your big project done.

Our Fall 2022 cohort has three levels of support to choose from, so you can get exactly what you need — not too much or too little

If you are tired of saying “soon” or “next year” to your non-fiction book or course or personal essay, then this coaching experience is for you.

You’re an expert at what you do but writing?

That seemingly simple act can spin you around the axle of confusion, procrastination, self-doubt, and why bother?

Yet your project keeps waking you up at 3 a.m. crying, “WWAAAHHH!” – but then you get lost again, confused about how to structure your project, suddenly sure it’s already been written, or waylaid by clients or doing too much research.

Is it time to get the learning, support, guidance, and LOVE to move your important work forward? 


Then welcome to Write Better in Community: The Non-Fiction Mastermind, with best-selling and award winning author Jen Louden.


The next cohort starts September 12, 2022

You’ll be redirected to the application after you place your deposit. If for any reason you are not a good fit for the mastermind, your deposit will be refunded.


You want to:

  • Write a non-fiction book without wasting your time
  • Write content to test and spread your ideas and grow your impact
  • Write non-fiction articles or personal essays for major outlets
  • Create a course based on your signature idea and body of work

And you need:

  • A well-tested process to show up and do the writing
  • The structure to actually write more consistently
  • To fully and proudly own the value of your vision, voice, and expertise
  • Feedback and coaching from a multi-published best-selling author (that’s me) and a smart group of writers who will be as invested in your success as you are. And some days - even more!

Here are results from past Writer’s Masterminds:

And so many other projects, like…

  • An executive coach published regularly to LinkedIn to thousands of views per post.
  • An article in Harvard Business Review was published to a rousing response and has now become a book from a major publisher.
  • A card deck on its way to the printer.
  • A textbook written and a deal secured with a top publisher.
  • Personal essays written and submitted to various venues and magazines.
  • Significant breakthroughs on writing regularly, making it through the slough of why bother, and truly understanding "Oh yes I am a writer and I can do this!"

Here’s How Write Better in Community Works

All Write Better mastermind levels (1-3) include the following:


Every Monday we gather for group coaching, accountability, brainstorming, and courage-building. Please plan for 60 minutes for each Monday call. All calls are optional but highly fantastic.

In-between calls we check in as often as you like (daily!) using an easy-to-use platform (not Facebook).  

All coaching calls are 9 am – 10 am MT. Calls will be held on:

  • September 12, 19 and 26
  • October 3, 10, 21 and 31
  • November 7, 14, 21, 28
  • December 5, 12


Deep dive of brief meditation, trickster prompts to uncover and focus your ideas, and craft Q & A. You will get so much done!

You do not have to attend every retreat or stay for the entire session but it’s amazingly wonderful if you can set aside this time for a true retreat with your writing and the group.

Our virtual retreats will be:

  • September 14 and 15: 9 am – 12:30 pm MT
  • October 17, 19, and 21: 9 am – 12 pm MT
  • November 16: 9 am – 12 pm MT
  • December 9: 9 am – 12 pm MT


My very best time-tested ideas for making writing easier and better. Short audios with transcripts are delivered each week to take in as you wish and to keep forever.


These calls are “self” hosted as in the Zoom room starts and stops as if by elf magic! Times will be determined based on the makeup of our cohort.


My best resources for writing all kinds of nonfiction. We will add to the library as your questions arise. You can download what you want to keep.


Using a method developed by Peter Elbow with my additions, you will swap up to 7 pages each week with a different peer.

We will discuss in more depth how it works on our first call and you can decide if you want to participate. Past members have found this an incredibly valuable extra.


You’ll receive access to our past guest expert sessions including Jane Friedman on publishing, Allison K Williams on platform, and Ruth Bullivant on comp titles. Plus, we will have a new guest for the fall session… who shall it be? I’ll announce soon!

Need more support? Consider joining the mastermind at Level TWO where you will also get:


Getting editorial feedback on your writing as you go can help you avoid some of the common missteps that cause writing projects to fail. 

A big reason projects don’t work is the writer doesn’t know how to focus on who the project is truly for, how it serves, and what the point of the project is – why should someone care? Another big reason projects fail is they lack structure and organization — and the writing process is disorganized as well. 

Jen will read 3 pieces of writing for your project during the mastermind session, up to 10 pages each deadline. These editorial feedback check points will offer peace of mind that you’re on the right track so you can keep going with greater confidence.

Looking for even more one-on-one support from Jen? Consider joining the mastermind at Level THREE for:



Having eyes on your work every week from someone familiar with exactly what it takes to not only complete a project but also produce a project that has the intended outcome you want can make a real difference in your writing experience. No more questioning every step you make, getting stuck, or wishing a professional who actually knows what they’re doing would be available to take a look. 

Every week, there’s time set aside for Jen to look at YOUR project and provide pointed yet gentle and reassuring feedback. It’ll keep you on track throughout the mastermind session.


You’ll get two hour-long, one-on-one coaching sessions with Jen during the mastermind session. 

This is your chance to receive individualized guidance, advice, and encouragement to take your project where you want it to go. Doing the writing is one thing but working through exactly how the project will help you accomplish a bigger goal is another. In your private coaching sessions with Jen, she will help you refine your own personal writing process, map out a plan for how to achieve what you really want to accomplish, or whatever would be most helpful for you in the moment.  

When you join the mastermind (which does not involve a writing sample but does involve saying “I’m all in, I’m ready to show up consistently and bravely, and my writing deserves this!”), I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out so I understand your goals.

What's Included in Each Level

  • Weekly coaching calls
  • PVALUE: $995
  • Four virtual group writing retreats
  • PVALUE: $1200
  • A custom writing library of audios, exercises, and links.
  • PVALUE: $600
  • Weekly mini-class recordings
  • PVALUE: $397
  • Optional organized peer reading feedback
  • PVALUE: $750
  • Daily access to Jen and a wonderfully supportive group of writers
  • Jen’s 30 years of writing, publishing, platform, and marketing experience
  • Unparalleled support, accountability, and energy from the group container
  • BONUS: Outside expert presentation
  • Editorial feedback on 3 pieces of writing from Jen
  • PVALUE: $900
  • Weekly editorial feedback on your writing from Jen
  • PVALUE: $1950
  • 2 hours of 1-1 coaching from Jen
  • PVALUE: $900

Your Investment

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


My wish for you…

I want to support you to make your biggest, juiciest, most important writing and creating goals a reality.

I want to offer you my highest level of knowledge, commitment, and energy.

I want to nurture you, push you, and cheer you to go farther, make more progress, and to see your voice beautifully, truthfully expressed more than ever before.

I want to help you take all that is inside of you and share it with your corner of the world.

Over my 30 years of being a professional writer, I have cobbled together so many resources and so much knowledge to support myself and other writers in thriving and succeeding. I cannot wait to draw on all that I have paid to learn – in money, confusion, and time – to help you flourish faster, farther, and more than you can possibly imagine now.

That is what happens when you work with me and this group. You will look back and be amazed, proud, and glowing with accomplishment.

I so wish someone had offered me a group like this when I was writing my first book or my last one. I cannot wait to see the genius that this group will create together, for one and for all.

Decide with care, but don’t delay. Spots will fill quickly and then, we are off!

Write Better in Community

The Non-Fiction Writer’s Mastermind

You’ll be redirected to the application after you place your deposit. If for any reason you are not a good fit for the mastermind, your deposit will be refunded.