From the national best-selling author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and Why Bother.

5 Ways to Start
Your Non-Fiction Book

You can write your book faster, easier, and better.

I’ve written 9 books with about a million copies sold.

What if starting your non-fiction book didn’t have to be such a big ding-dang-do?

I know you have a million ideas you must put in your book and so much vital research and no idea what order or structure will work.

I swear I can hear your brain sizzling with everything it’s trying to cram into your book. That’s got to hurt.

Friend, I promise, you can do this.

I’ve coached writers for 20 years and I’ve written 9 books. I know what you’re feeling. And this will help.

Download your 5 Ways to Start your Non-Fiction Book right now and calm your frantic neurons by following the very simple steps.

Just give this exercise 10 minutes, okay? You got this!

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