Please Join Me in No More Waiting 

“nose smashing” my girl – part of navigating my life

I used to believe shaping a life that included more of what I wanted was something I could do only if everything was right. As in:

if I wasn’t depressed,
if my health wasn’t wobbly,
if I wasn’t doubting myself,
and everybody else was pretty happy – especially my Lilly or Bob.

Otherwise, I’d freeze up.

Too often my enjoyment of my life and my ability to take action ground to a halt.

Here’s what I know now – and know this so deeply – I can, YOU can, always be moving toward more of what you want. Even if you need to crawl, to hobble, to roll. In fact, to navigate life skillfully means working with what comes up, using it, flowing around it, crashing through it, all the time.

No more waiting to feel good enough, strong enough, clear enough to shape the life you want.

And no more hiding the fact you want more. It doesn’t mean you’re greedy or “attached;” it means you’re grateful and growing!

And as Elizabeth Ashworth discovered when she took the course, it is possible to follow your desires while taking care of the needs of your loved ones in such a way that we all “win.”

Or as Sarah Flick said, “Life navigation is about listening to your own knowing when making decisions” (love that!) and “knowing what you know can save your life.” So true. And now Sarah’s writing a book about just that – see what can happen when you listen to your desires.

We all want to live our truer lives, to keep navigating closer to what’s real for us. To be seen as we are. To take your last breath and know, “I showed up. I kept listening to what called me. I kept stumbling, dancing and embracing what life brought. I was there for the whole show.”

I’m living this material every day, refining it, breathing it, so I can best guide you on this journey. This is an invite to a life lived with more clarity, peace, and intention. And wild freshness. Or as one wonderful woman said, “The Life Navigation course is one of the most powerful courses I have ever taken. I have experienced such a huge shift. I have a level of peace and dare I say happiness and calmness that I haven’t felt in a long time.” Yes!

We open registration for the course this Wednesday. There are a limited number of spots. I’m going to keep listening to my heart about that but I want to keep the group to about the same size as last time. No hurry or fear but wanted you to know so you can plan.

Questions? Want to “test” drive the course?

Come on and spend an hour or so with me:

September 17th at 4pm Pacific (5pm MT, 6pm CT, 7pm ET)

Here’s what we will explore together:

  • Why it can be so darn hard to choose what we really want & one way to start
  • The importance of “lost and misplaced” desires as a way into your truer life & how to start trusting those
  • Naming what “truer life” means to you right now – cause there isn’t any one size fits all!
  • Your personal patterns of distraction and derailment and one way to start gently choosing differently
  • How I keep life navigating when I’m depressed
  • Time for Q & A about the course or anything
  • Who knows what else we will cook up together!!

You will be able to see me as well as ask questions via chat box or VOIP or phone. Skype works for this system as does cell phones.

And when you sign up you receive two gifts: A 3-pack of Monday Morning meditations (a sampling from the spring session of the course) + a “get started on your next big thing” kit with audio, transcript + step by step get going plan. Why? So you can sample my teaching style & so you can get into action.

Enough blethering. Love to “hear” you on the call September 17th. Love to see you in the course. And you must sign up here to get the call-in number, the recording, and the gifts.



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Lora Jansson - September 14, 2014

Jen, another beautiful and brave write. I am glad you included navigation when depressed. I have chronic depression (comes and goes), and have had to learn how to be especially kind and make very small steps when I’m there. I’m much more of a radical “big step” girl, and it is very, very easy for me to dismiss small steps as not worth a spit. Understanding that it is not about the step, but about creating a new warp and weave to the tapestry of me is something I get in my head (and I have been working at this for a long time), but my heart doesn’t feel it. And that is a lesson, too. My heart may not feel joy when I’m depressed and I’ve taken a right action. It’s taking the right actions that are both the path out of the dark place and the way to be kind to myself in the moment, even if I have numbed myself out. You have to be where you are, and you have to be kind to yourself no matter where you are. Depression is epidemic today, and it is, to quote Spock, logical to feel depressed when there is so much chaos is in the world. But my new understanding is I need to be a child again and look at things with new eyes, different eyes. Because the world needs us to be reverent and to work int reciprocity again. I do not know how or if this class will help me with this. I know I am hard on myself and, just as you said, am crashing through AND immobilized. I can smell, taste and touch the shimmering opportunities I have created. And all i need to do is quietly walk into them. To quote Hesse, “Why is that so very difficult?” XO, Lora

    jenniferlouden - September 15, 2014

    Let’s join each other in not being hard on ourselves dear Lora!

Cristy Coates - September 14, 2014

Love it Love it Love it, Jen!! Time to stop waiting to gather all our stuff into piles in order to create the life we want for ourselves. Yes, it’s time! Brave, dear soul Jen. Thank you xx

    jenniferlouden - September 15, 2014

    thanks so much Cristy.

Brooke - September 15, 2014

Jennifer your SOUL in this world has been blessing me for the last year or so – and I am coming alive so much through all the input. I would love to be able to be part of your LIfe Organizer course – is Wednesday the day for registration or is it already open ? Thank you…SOOOOO thankful for your brave, authentic, glimmering, vulnerable voice (especially your bravery around your recent heart-aches as this made me feel all the more welcome and seen).

    jenniferlouden - September 15, 2014

    ah thanks Brooke! We’re going to open on Wed – with a three tier pricing structure so just getting that into place. Would adore having you in the course!!

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