Union, Carrot Juice and Your Gorgeous Unique Heart

Mar 4, 2011

My last post about letting go of boxes, the box of who I am or who think I’m supposed to be, strummed a cord of freedom with so many of you.
We see how we get in the way of savoring and serving – for entire moments at a time (insert wry grin).

Here’s what D. said:

I just watched your latest video and I am speechless. Your vulnerability and raw courage and honesty with this project have inspired me. Yet again.
Perfect timing.
I have been grappling with something, for such a long time….I realized today that it’s about labels and identity.
If I go forward with what I know, then what am I? Artist? scientist? Both? Neither? Nothing?
Somehow, I thought I needed a label…a safe box to hide in.
Now, I see there is no box…for my own unique heart.

That last line made me weep. There is no box for your own unique heart.

Repeat after me: there is no box for your own unique heart.

I’ve spent two days thinking about why that strikes me as so damn IMPORTANT (needed caps for that).

I tried and tried to make it a big deal but you know what? It’s very simple.

Boxes, labels, walls, etc. get in the way of connection.

Without connection (with ourselves, with each other, with the Divine, with the people in Libya, with the sleet falling outside my window, with the carrot juice I made for breakfast) why savor or serve?

Seriously, think about it – without connection, why would you bother?

In a somewhat related video made after meditation this morning I explore boxes a bit more:

I await your thoughts and questions. With a boxless heart.

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