Want More Energy, Passion, Creativity?

Jul 7, 2011


I pulled a muscle in my back 3 weeks ago doing pull-ups.


Painful, annoying, but you know what’s really icky? I can’t move much. (The photo is from our trip to Costa Rica to remind me of feeling healthy and whole again!)

I love to move.

I need to move.

My creativity is intimately connected to movement. It’s not uncommon for me when I am writing or teaching to get up and boogie.  

At my retreats, we move. Want to write more? Move. Want to get your business off the ground? Move.

Because when you don’t move, you freeze up.

You grind to a halt – all your vibrant mojo, creativity, and life delight – it gets stove-up. Savoring starts to feel far away, pointless. Serving? What’s that?

This stuck, passion-less ground-to-a-halt feeling doesn’t just happen when you’re hurt. As if.

It happens whenever you pretend you’re not an animal who feels and senses and hurts, who needs to let your energy move.

It happens whenever you sit in front of the computer too long, or an airplane, or in a bunch of meetings.

It sneaks up on you, this frozen blah state. You may start to believe it’s normal to be a giant head floating a few feet above the ground. You may think that’s just how it is.


It can be scary to inhabit your body. Your reptile brain says “Frozen is safe.” Your reptile brain hasn’t got the message you are not, at least in this instance, prey.

Move a toe, move a finger, stretch side to side.

Sigh. Stick out your tongue and roar.

Let your torso sway side to side. Stretch your spine long.

Maybe (gasp) get up and walk outside, breath in the outside air. Look up at the sky.

I promise you, with all my being, movement heals. Movement frees. Movement opens you to the life you desire.

Say yes to moving. Say yes to energy, passion, creativity. Say yes to life.

P.S. I’m getting better every day!

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