Want More Energy, Passion, Creativity?


I pulled a muscle in my back 3 weeks ago doing pull-ups.


Painful, annoying, but you know what’s really icky? I can’t move much. (The photo is from our trip to Costa Rica to remind me of feeling healthy and whole again!)

I love to move.

I need to move.

My creativity is intimately connected to movement. It’s not uncommon for me when I am writing or teaching to get up and boogie.  

At my retreats, we move. Want to write more? Move. Want to get your business off the ground? Move.

Because when you don’t move, you freeze up.

You grind to a halt – all your vibrant mojo, creativity, and life delight – it gets stove-up. Savoring starts to feel far away, pointless. Serving? What’s that?

This stuck, passion-less ground-to-a-halt feeling doesn’t just happen when you’re hurt. As if.

It happens whenever you pretend you’re not an animal who feels and senses and hurts, who needs to let your energy move.

It happens whenever you sit in front of the computer too long, or an airplane, or in a bunch of meetings.

It sneaks up on you, this frozen blah state. You may start to believe it’s normal to be a giant head floating a few feet above the ground. You may think that’s just how it is.


It can be scary to inhabit your body. Your reptile brain says “Frozen is safe.” Your reptile brain hasn’t got the message you are not, at least in this instance, prey.

Move a toe, move a finger, stretch side to side.

Sigh. Stick out your tongue and roar.

Let your torso sway side to side. Stretch your spine long.

Maybe (gasp) get up and walk outside, breath in the outside air. Look up at the sky.

I promise you, with all my being, movement heals. Movement frees. Movement opens you to the life you desire.

Say yes to moving. Say yes to energy, passion, creativity. Say yes to life.

P.S. I’m getting better every day!

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Anonymous - July 7, 2011

As I sit here with a hot pack on my neck, I truly appreciate this reminder! I am a better writer, mother, and human when I’m jogging. If only I could think of a way to stay motivated in my movement.

Dewmsz - July 7, 2011

My movement had evolved. I was stuck, frozen, in chronic pain. Bodywork helped, then gentle Pilates and walking. Now I miss when I cannot start my day with a series of Yoga stretches and at least  mile walk. I have even gotten as far as being an ‘intermediate’ Yogi! Who would have thought! I still get twinges to remind me I have to move. Thanks Jen for this reminder. 

    jenniferlouden - July 7, 2011

    yeah! celebrating with you!

amy friend - July 7, 2011

I’ve always been a fast walker – since I was a little kid trying to keep up with my 6′ 5″ father. I need movement like I need water, and have always been a little envious/suspicious of those who don’t! Now that my child is outgrowing the stroller, I’ve got to get creative with how I move…I think I need a playlist.

Anonymous - July 7, 2011

Spooky timing, Jen! I hurt my lower back with the kettlebell a few weeks ago, and – without consulting a professional, natch – decided after a short recovery that it would be fine to test a slightly more limited routine.

Am sidelined again. This time with some nerve pinching and foot numbing, augh.

I HATE being a giant head! Which I can only crank around when I get the awful feeling there’s a giant ass following me. Which is a feeling that quickly overtakes me when I can’t move in the way I want.

Which is always simply the last way I was enjoying moving, and which nothing else (walking? yoga? are you SERIOUS?!) can measure up to.


Seeing the doctor next week. Paying lots of attention to nice, 95% working body til then 🙂

Am glad you’re getting better – and noticing it! – every day.

    jenniferlouden - July 7, 2011

    be gentle, do ice, and remind me of the same!

Katie - July 7, 2011

Hooray! I love this! Thank you for the reminder. I’m getting up write now to dance a little Nia and get my mojo going again!

Michelle - July 7, 2011

I’ve noticed this myself lately! We recently switched (spurred by a mechanical breakdown) from using a car as our primary means of transportation to using a combination of a car-sharing service, public transportation, and biking as our means of getting around. And hot damn, bike riding feels *good*. It’s like a free shot of euphoria in the arm. In the last week or two that I’ve been riding my bike almost every day, I really miss it if I go a day without, and my several-week-long bout of writer’s block was removed entirely. Yay for movement! 

suziekm - July 8, 2011

Just what I needed today, Jen.  I feel great surges of energy and emotion as I’m breaking through on so many levels.  I wonder if this period of “slacking off” a bit in my movment is an effort to contain some of that.  Today, it is MY choice to let it go, and continue to move and flow into this great cosmos!  Thanks for the reminder.

Jalene Case - July 8, 2011

Yes! Yes! Yes! When I feel down or stuck, I sometimes need to force myself outside. I gently say to myself, “Just put one foot in front of the other.” Invariably, my steps quicken, my lungs fill, my eyes begin to SEE again, and my mind becomes clearer. I KNOW that being out in nature centers me, which brings a new perspective to whatever is vexing me. I walk outside for at least a half hour almost everyday and do 10-30 minutes of jammy yoga almost every morning. Moving my body connects me to myself, which allows me to connect with every human being on this planet. I just got back from a spectacular walk on the Oregon coast!

Jalene Case - July 8, 2011

I have one more thought to share. I think it’s really important to have friends who love to move! I have a group of girlfriends who continually inspire me to move more in my life and that’s my “normal.” If I had a group of more sedentary friends, that would become my “normal.”

Meg Goodmanson - July 9, 2011

Yes. Yes yes yes. YES.

I’m a dancer by nature and by training, and I have dealt with this exact phenomenon on and off for years. I call it “stasis.” The last period of stasis was the worst: I stopped moving when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy. I had terrible round ligament pain & sciatica, SO much pain. So I stopped moving. And it became a habit. And then I had my baby, and I stopped doing any movement that wasn’t serving him. Gradually I forgot that my body could be inhabited. (OK, I had moments when I remembered, but on the whole? No.) And even though my ENTIRE BLOG is about moving and healing and how everyone can dance…for the most part I was stuck. Frozen. Not embodied. I knew from experience the utter magic that movement and embodiment can bring…but I just couldn’t seem to access it myself.

And then you posted your “astonishment” post, and something about savouring the physical sensations I experienced re-anchored me in my body. And I could move again. And this week has been completely magical. I feel like I’ve come back to life. Thank you for that. And thank you for this post.


internet gems. « gotcurls - July 11, 2011

[…] Want more Energy, Passion, Creativity? via Jennifer Louden This post really resonated with me because Jennifer describes the link she feels between MOVEMENT and energy, passion, and creativity. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes I come up with my most creative ideas riding my bike, going for a walk, or running outdoors. […]

Susan - July 12, 2011

Oh I couldn’t agree more!!!  Move or lose it sweetheart!  I’m laughing at myself right now because … I was feeling more than a bit down in the dumps, going through my HUGE backlog of e-mails when I came across this post.  I immediately felt better!  Just reading about MOVEMENT I started moving, stretching, dancing and felt better!  The best part is that I didn’t even get up out of my chair … just the reminder to move made my MIND move and remember all the times movement has made me feel better.  Then I looked at my exercise equipment and knew that as soon as I finished the e-mail purge that I would be MOVING again and a big smile pasted itself across my face.  A bit of a silly self-deprecating smile too.  Why?  Because I teach MOVEMENT for a living!!  LOL.  Yes, even a professional needs to be reminded every once in awhile that if you’re down in the dumps just get up and MOVE!!  heh heh ~ thank you for the reminder 🙂

    jenniferlouden - July 12, 2011

    you are so welcome!!

    Jasmine - August 9, 2011

    Susan and Jen! My new motto: “Move it or lose it sweetheart!”  It makes me giddy with delight to share a conversation about the joy and necessity of moving in our skins, rocking from our organs, touching the earth, walking the path, being fluid and alive.

      jenniferlouden - August 11, 2011

      shaking it here!

Susan Gallacher-Turner - July 12, 2011

Moving for me as a child meant my tricycle and dancing.  Now it means walking, yoga and more walking.  You are right…moving is so important…maybe that’s why I usually sculpt standing up.  When I write I’m sitting down and I notice how frozen I feel when it’s time to stop.  Maybe I need to remember to do what you do and boogie while I write 🙂
I’m so glad to hear you are healing…blessings to you!

    jenniferlouden - July 12, 2011

    thanks susan!! love the idea of you sculpting standing up !

Lisa - July 20, 2011

I love this reminder Jen. I work at the computer sooo much, and I have to get up and move. I still need to find my balance when I get done working at the computer – moving to find my ‘non-computer’ creativity. I’m a little late on this comment…so hopefully you’re feeling LOTS better by now and your body is moving. 🙂

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