Meet The Garbage Queen

Jun 22, 2022

Hi Creator Who is Helping Create a New Story that Saving our Species (and lots of others species too) is Entirely Possible,

Who changes culture?

Artists. Writers. Healers. Thinkers. Rebels. Creators. Entrepreneurs.

If you create, if you support others who create, if you lead, if you coach, if you write, if you practice medicine, if you run a company of any size, then you have the opportunity and the ability, that many do not, to slow down this shit storm and help the policy wonks and the scientists turn the climate crisis around.

Your creative talents, your voice, your unique way of seeing the world, of thinking, and your platform, that’s what I’m asking you to use.

We must create a new story that saving our species is possible.

Someone doing an awesome job of helping us create a new story is…

The Garbage Queen!

Aka Alaina Wood — she’s using her creativity to share good news about climate solutions on TikTok and Instagram and Twitter.

Besides following her (if you do social media) to get inspired, she’s a relatable example of using simple tools to share a hopeful message — and she does it with love, humor, and bravery.

What if you amplified her message today like I am?

Or share something by Britt Wray?

Or talk about Rebecca Solnit’s new project?

Or the podcast How to Save A Planet?

If you are a teacher of anything, can you use some of these resources in your teaching?

As a writing teacher, I could make a prompt, “How does climate change affect your reader and how can you address it while staying with your point?”

Or at the Oasis, I often give members prompts and resources to help them metabolize and bear climate despair.

If you make TikTok’s, stitch the Garbage Queen but for your niche.

If you make art or are part of an artist community, host a day of making “Climate Hope” art. You could show a few of Alaina’s short videos and have everyone paint or collage or sew or ?? something hopeful. Then host a show for family and friends — you could give each artist one hopeful talking point to share as people circulate.

Even as the first fire of the summer fills the air outside my office with smoke (the fire is in Arizona and the wind patterns are funneling all the smoke to the Front Range), I refuse to give up hope.

Join me.

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