[March] Jen’s monthly round-up

Feb 28, 2018

March means Spring!

I’ve always thought March should be considered the beginning of the new year. Of course so did ancient cultures. Everything quickening and gathering energy to spring into new life.

I’m feeling that new beginning energy in such a lovely way. As I wrote last week, I’m walking away from my book as a narrative memoir and instead of being crushed, I’m buoyant. I feel like a different person.

I said I would write about what I learned about the book’s failure but I’m not ready yet. I need to sit with the whole experience more.

However, one thing I am willing to share is how fantastic it feels to not hide my failure. How utterly gorgeous it is to not think, “I can’t tell my friends, my students, my readers that my project bombed because it’s proof I’m bad.” That inky fear that I’m somehow rotten at my core is gone. It was easy and natural to tell my writers at the Mexico retreat, the members of the Writer’s Oasis, and all of you. No shame, no sting, no need to pretend.

Why is this so? I think – I’m not sure but I think – it’s because I wrote my story truthfully. I didn’t write it skilfully 🙂 but I did strive to look at myself truthfully and that has made all the difference.

That and years of teaching so many amazing women and seeing how incredible they are even when they can’t has also shifted something in me. The light in me bows to the light in you….

All of which makes it so much clearer to me: you too have nothing to hide. Truth and love can alchemize your fears of not being ________ enough into energy, purpose, clarity and freedom.

When you own your story, anything is possible.

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Journal Prompt of the Month (for your writing pleasure)

Write a scene (a scene takes place in one location and time) in the third person (he said, she said) depicting a happening in your life that makes you want to hide something about yourself. Makes you believe on some level you aren’t okay.

If this is a traumatic episode, do this writing exercise only with the supervision of your therapist or other healthcare professional.

Extra alchemy: read it out loud to someone you trust and insist this person does not comment but just says, “Thank you.” Let your story be witnessed.

What I’m Reading / Listening To / Watching

Story Genius by Lisa Cron

Writing a novel or screenplay? You must read this book! And members of the Writer’s Oasis LINK Lisa is our guest for our LIVE call on March 5th. Don’t miss it!

The Wonders of an Ordinary Life

A term I use often when I teach is “human scaled life” and I enjoyed how this article made a historical case for the wonder of being ordinary.

The Power by Naomi Alderman

Okay not sure what I think about this book’s point nor was I deeply engaged with the characters yet I couldn’t put it down. If you read it, tell me what you think!

The town that’s found a potent cure for illness – community

When I think about future projects, one possibility is working to foster community and reduce loneliness. Read about how this town is doing just that.

Conversation Dinners

Oh I want to go to one!

Be a good net citizen

It’s easy to be outraged and it’s easier to share bad info. Fact check yourself like a good journalist. You have a platform, we all do. Use it responsibly.

Making Oprah and Making Obama podcasts

Great new series with in-depth look at how greats become great.

What I’m Excited About

Going to Patagonia with my husband and bonus son Aidan for three weeks leaving on March 7th. Offline and outdoors with my two favorite guys in one of the most spectacular places in the world – whoa! Follow along on Instagram

Discovering what’s next for my creative life now that the memoir as a classic narrative is out of the picture. Cooking up and sitting with all sorts of exhilarating ideas – it feels like Christmas. I plan to share these ideas as I develop them (here and at The Writer’s Oasis) instead of holding them so close to my chest.

Planning retreats for 2019 (whoa!). I’m thinking about a general self-care journaling retreat and maybe a get your scary s**t done retreat… might have to come up with a survey for your opinion!

Truly honored to be connected to you,


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