Liberate Your Genius Now

What liberates your genius?

(By genius I mean that which brings you alive and brings your gloriousness to the world.)

Enough sleep?

Bounteous self-kindness!


How about mindful questions?

I adore questions – after all, I designed an entire organizing system around them. We ask not-so-mindful questions all the time. “Do I have to wake up now?” “Can I do this?” “Does this make my teeth look fat?” (long story).

Questions are magic magnets of consciousness. Good questions pull what you know but don’t know you know to the forefront of your awareness.

Not-so-good questions can leave on you on the couch, gasping for love.

Here are few favorite genius liberating questions. They are powerhouses. Use them wisely.

What do I want?

You’ve heard it a million times. But when’s the last time you asked it? Use it to steer through tasks that must be done but turn you off. Find desire in the midst of have to. It seriously changes everything.

What am I assuming is impossible in this moment?

We all go through our days assuming – that we can’t, that they won’t allow it, that there isn’t time. Simply questioning those limits brings you energy and freedom. Even when the answer is no.

Of everything you’ve learned about what truly supports you to thrive, what’s the ONE thing you struggle to remember most?

Write down the answer to this one and carry it with  you, put in on the bathroom mirror, tell everyone you meet. Remember.

What do I love right here right now?

There is always something to savor. Look around, notice with your precious senses, take in this life.

What are your personal genius liberator questions? How do you get free with a few words? Love to hear!

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Emma Newman - July 23, 2011

Loved this, and so timely. When I remember to do so, I ask myself; “What about if you weren’t afraid? What would you do then?”

I wrestle with anxiety, ranging from normal worry to crippling terror and this question helps me find my way back to thinking as the best part of me, rather than thinking as my fear-filled self.

Mindyjhedley - July 23, 2011

One of my personal genius liberating questions is, “What don’t I have to do right now?” followed with, “What would I have fun doing with my loved ones right now?”  I had the privilege to learn I had a brain tumor 10 years ago when I was a full-time single mom with two young children.  Instead of feeling scared, or desperate, I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders.  I can still remember the first thought after getting the diagnosis was, “I don’t have to clean out my closets now”.  I quit my full-time job and started spending lots of fun time with my two young daughters ignoring my previously perfect house start becoming disheveled- and not even caring.  Ten years later, I’m still here, brain tumor and all but I have left behind the shoulds and focus more on the wants.

    jenniferlouden - July 23, 2011

    Mindy, I needed to read that in this moment. Thank you deeply.

Pamela Belding - July 23, 2011

Love, Love, Love this post. It reminded me to make space for possibility…..much needed today!   My top 3 favorite questions for myself are “How can I help?, How can I have a positive influence? and What am I looking forward to? ”  Thanks for everything you do, Jen!! xoxo

Marie - July 23, 2011

My liberating question is: If anything were possible and easy, what would I do right now? I loved your question about what I most struggle to remember. That dratted self-trust. And Jen, I have been wanting to thank you for your work for weeks now. For me, you are a beacon of light, with all the savor and serve writing. Your courage boosts me in what I need most myself right now. The tone in what you write rings vulnerable and true. I struggle with my writing voice right now, trying to incorporate all the wild horses of my different inner modes into something that’s real. When I listen to your writing, I hear You. I appreciate it on a deep level. Thank you.

Sara Gottfried MD - July 25, 2011

Jen, love your post. A recent genius-liberator has been “What are you tolerating?’ Also “Whom do you need to forgive?” or “How can I be of service?” Thanks for your awesome questions!

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