Savor & Serve July LoveLights

What feast did July bring to your table, what treasures were you gifted, what challenges did you allow to make you stronger?

Take a moment to look back and bow to the thousands and thousands of wonders that make up just one month of your precious human birth. Please – it will lift your heart up and give you such energy. Hint: don’t look for big or important, instead recall the small. Here are some of mine, in no particular order::

  • Pressing my  head into Bob’s chest in the driveaway after 12 days apart
  • Sobbing while hiking to William Lake with my friend of 20 years Kris & the vast relief of feelings moving through
  • The bone loosening ahhh of sinking into the hot springs at Ojo Caliente
  • The heart stunning awe of watching women have the courage to retreat, to be still, to be with themselves – oh, the courage we possess!
  • The sweet potato fries at lunch at Mable Dodge. The salad dressing. The gluten free pancakes.

As I write this list, I am overcome with how much life, beauty and sensory splendor one month  brings. I could write all day and not touch a 10th of it.  May we always remember how blessed we are to be in bodies, to be alive.

A Journaling Practice

I started a practice at the Creative Joy retreat of writing down 10 things I notice every day. The trick is to go for details and tune into all your senses. Notice after a few days if you always focus on one sense, say sound, and then try the next day to notice through a different sense, say taste. Do this for one week and you will never feel uninspired, ungrateful or alone again.

Lovely News Bits

I have a few coaching slots open for August. Details and sign up here. (Told to me by a recent client: “One hour with you was far more valuable than the thousands I have spent on consultants over the years.” Wry shake of head.)

July Blog Love Lights

Can You Let Yourself Be Supported?  Enjoy the hysterical picture of me strapped to a strange man and the nourishing conversation with Hiro Boga.

Stop Skipping and Get Unstuck   Plug your ears from the Siren’s whines. Borrow the eagle’s eyes. Dive.

I Want to Interview You  I would love to know your answers! Respond by August 8th and you could be the winner…

Ways to Be With Fear and Sadness  I wrote this in response to the Colorado horror and dealing with fear and sadness is the essential skill of being a warrior queen who savors and serves.

What I’m Reading

The Hummingbird’s Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea – If you need a novel that will make you believe in miracles and infuse you with the power of love, read this book. Thank you Bobby for pressing it on me.

The 100$ Start-Up by Chris Guillebeau – Want to start your own business? A wonderful place to start. Will become a classic in the field.


My Lilly girl made me a beautiful chalk drawing when I got home this week from Taos. I don’t know how to download a photo from Instagram so please go here to see her creative joy.

Please remember that by showing up just as  you are is of great service. When I remember that, and stop straining to do or be more, wonders unfold.

Big Love to You!

Jenny Be

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Joy Rigberg - August 3, 2012

Thank you for showing up like you do!
PS. I absolutely loved The Hummingbird’s Daughter!
With love,

Soul Care Shel - August 4, 2012

July Feast:
* the wonderful contrast of very hot, sunny days & swimming in cold  pool
* the ups & downs of learning to let go of attachment to healing chronic fatigue (surrender & acceptance of what is)
* the joys of self-expression online (even if others don’t respond)
* how simple things like learning a new crochet pattern help take my mind off my troubles quite effectively
* the grace of “befriending confusion” instead of rushing to solve & understand everything quickly
* the weaving together of various contradictory truths and dancing with the synthesis of paradoxical teachings (hence the need to befriend confusion)
* I love walking barefoot in the soft, warm summer grass!
* the sweet, devilish antics of Percy the cat – how feline friends can make you smile
* well, there’s more, but I gotta go get back to this hot summer day and the cool soothing water…

Blessings on your August feasts to come……..

Char - August 4, 2012

the welcome home from lily is so gorgeous and filled with love!

    jenniferlouden - August 5, 2012

    thanks Char!!!

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