It’s tough out there

Aug 11, 2021

It’s tough out there.

Between the IPCC report on climate change, the devastating spread of the Delta variant, the wildfires, and extreme weather worldwide (it looks like a nuclear winter outside my window right now), I’ll be honest: my mood is fragile.

I can only imagine how parents with kids feel. 

And nurses, doctors and other caregivers facing a mostly preventable wave of infection in the U.S.

And all the billions of people without access to the vaccine or who can’t flee the heat and smoke.

I want to scream, I want to hide under the covers, I want to eat fistfuls of warm chocolate chip cookies followed by fries, I want it all to go AWAY!

But none of that works. Sadly, not even chocolate chip cookies, at least not for long.

So what’s a sensitive ethical person to do?

You could…

Dwell in the good.

For example, so many people are working so hard to help us avoid the worst effects of climate change and build a more fair world. I read them. I learn from them. I give them money.

Ponder big questions.

My big questions right now are: How can I make it easier for women to write and share their ideas? and How can I motivate creatives to use their voices to turn the climate crisis around?

Dance into a small personal renaissance.

Here’s my current playlist.

Distract with story.

I loved The Start-Up Wife, The Fire-Keepers Daughter and One, Two, Three. I liked The Plot and Master of Djinn. If you’ve never read Louise Penny or Donna Leon, they are delicious (as in good food descriptions) comfort reads.

Spy for playfulness.

Collect words. Smear paint. Try to outwit your cat.

Eschew the news and social media when your mood teeters.

Yes there is a lot to monitor and learn, especially if you need to decide about travel or sending kids to school but once a day is good enough.

Recognize threads of connection.

I call my daughter, my friend Lisa, my Bob. I tell them I hurt. I listen to their hurts.

Watch Ted Lasso.


Be a poem.

Find the ordinary stunning no matter what.

Whatever you do, take good care. It’s not selfish. This is a long game and we need you.

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