It Isn’t About Permission


When you’re changing some aspect of your business, your relationship, your health, floating a new idea or navigating your life in a more inner-directed way, it’s totally normal to want to discuss that with people you trust. Even to seek a dollop of permission, a pat on the heart. It’s human!

Don’t go it alone, do seek input and support but try doing it the way I outline in this Wednesday Spontaneous Video – it’s a great blend of self-trust & outside data, swirled together for maximum goodness.

This video includes the usual funny faces, weird sound effects + green juice & new jewelry by Liz!

The Mastermind / Soul Posse course I mention is here.   Highly recommended!

Enjoy and please do tell me how the video lands, I love hearing how you apply these ideas especially since you so often make them far better!

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