I Want to Interview You

Aug 1, 2012

I want to interview you, like my friend, the amazing meditation teacher and writer Susan Piver, interviewed me for her fantastic Open Heart Project.  If you want to learn to meditate, please do sign up! The Basic level is free.

I wanted to share the questions Susan asked me because they made me wake up and dive past the surface into the deeper richer waters of my truth.

I would love for you to explore them, too. You can do so in the comments or on my Facebook page or in a blog post of your own (be sure and add a link to your post in the comments).  I will draw one name from everyone who participates and Susan will gift you a year’s membership to her Practitioner program!

I hope you dive deep with me, and even more so, I hope these questions invite you to more deeply know and celebrate yourself.

Name:  Even this gave me pause – am I Jen or Jennifer or Jenny Be?
Hometown:  I wondered – where do I most feel at home? Where do I consider my hometown?
Profession:  Oh this one made me work.
Favorite Dharma Book:  You could translate dharma to mean book that helps you lead a life that is true to your values.
Deepest Wish:
Mantra: A phrase that best sums up your essential attitude
Superpower:  That personal quality you feel best about; Susan’s is listening
Favorite quote:
My heart is open when I:

I’ll randomly choose a winner August 8th and I will share my answers on my Facebook page then.




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