I Didn’t Tell the Whole Truth or Why This is Called an Experiment

Mar 1, 2011

In my last post, I said I was afraid of this new mission because I’m afraid if I serve more, I’ll have to serve everybody and poof! I’ll spontaneously combust.

Pile o ashes.

Unbeknownst to me, that was not the entire truth. There was something far more real beneath that story.

Here is the truth, as of today. (It’s a video, if you don’t see it, click here)


After I turned off the camera, I felt… present. Able. Supple.

I kept saying to myself, “I can.”  I came inside to make tea (my studio is a few steps away from the house) and found Bob had left me one of those little tea tags with a quote on it, propped up on the kettle. It said:

Mantras you shouldn’t say: I don’t know; I’m not ready; I can’t do it.

This is an experiment in leaving behind perfectionism in the form of thinking I need to provide you with neat answers.

This is an experiment in finding the beauty and value in my process.

This is an experiment in living the qualities of savor and serve – honestly living.

This is an experiment in finding and following my heart’s desire.

This is an experiment in how all of this can help us remake our world.



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