The Hummingbird Will Help Us

Jun 25, 2011

A video about hummingbirds in which I tear up as people walk by my house – it makes better sense if you watch (click here if you don’t see a video).

It’s been a fabulous week.

  • Monday I was over at The Domino Project’s Self-Reliance Initiative; a 30 day compilation of writing prompts inspired by work of Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • Wednesday I wrote a post called Will You Walk with Me. The comments are by the far the best part.
  • Thursday Marianne Elliott was at my place answering my questions about Savoring and Serving.
  • Then Friday I got to hang out at Marianne’s – continuing the conversation and answering her questions there.

So many good things. Savoring and Serving, for sure. Thanks for joining me.

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