How to Stay the Course When Your Life is Truly Delightful

Dec 16, 2015

You did the work.
You created, you let go, you grieved, you waited, and…
over days and months, and yes, years, you shaped a life that is a true reflection of your desires and values.
Oh, yes, you did.


Can you stay in it, enjoy it, when it becomes totally delightful?
When everything is (mostly) working?

Can you savor it?

Or do you find yourself picking at the seams of what you created? Indulging in strange worries at 2 a.m. Hear yourself saying to friends, “So and so is doing such and such and I’m just doing this.”

It’s an art, savoring what you’ve created, taking in the good you helped make. It’s not what our brains are hardwired to naturally do. It takes intention and mindfulness to enjoy and…

…to savor how you’ve grown less reactive, more open-hearted, more compassionately gritty.
…to savor the abundance of love, creativity, and flow.
…to savor the skills honed through countless hours of stumbling.

Stand in it all, my friend, without peering around for a bogeyman to jump out of the bushes and take it all away.
Stand in it without preamble or apology when you wonder if someone is jealous.
Stand in it now. Please.

And walk away from complicating your life now, just as things become smoother, as you get to where you wanted to go.
Step away from imposed haste and comparisons to her or him.
Dissolve the words in your mouth that say this isn’t enough.

Instead, trust that savoring what you have worked for and surrendered to will naturally become the foundation and launching pad for whatever comes next.

Rest in the knowing that whatever is next will present itself naturally because your delightful now has been so wonderfully savored and harvested.

Let your whole body and self breathe in its heady fragrance. Loll back in this beauty like a horse rolling in a field of clover.

I am so happy for you.



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