How to Discover What You Want to Write

Aug 4, 2011

I’m toast. Exhausted. In need of renewal. Since I refuse (most of the time) to be a hypocrite, I am taking a few days off.

I wanted to write a post about how to savor renewing but I’m too toasted to write it, and if forced myself to write it, I would be a hypocrite. Full stop.

You see one reason I am toasty crispy is I have started my novel again.

Suffice to say, not what I thought would come up as I pursued this new direction of Savor & Serve. A lot of me is screaming “NO!” this is not how you serve but it turns out, a bigger part of me needs to do this. This being seriously making a go of writing this story.

Have you ever thought you would serve in one way and then found yourself going in another? Please tell me what happened.

Oh and for your viewing pleasure, here is my badly lit but very charming video about how I write a discovery draft, from about 10 months ago. From the writer in me to the writer in you.

Oh yes a little P.S. Early bird price goes away today on Walking into Fire (we extended it because Susan has been away on retreat) This is a magic mini-retreat for your writer’s heart where we will share every thing we can about writing to change the world. And yourself. And have fun.

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