How A Soul Posse Changed My Life

Oct 5, 2012

I feel that stuck-in-my-throat this-is-so-important I want-everybody-to-have-it energy about my mini-course on creating your own “soul posse” mastermind group.

Why is it so important to me you pay attention to this course?

It’s certainly not because being in groups has been easy for me.

In fact, it’s been one of the consistently most challenging things I have ever done, right up there with parenting and falling in love at 45.

It’s not that I have made millions because of my groups or finally achieved enlightenment or even thin thighs.

It’s not that my groups—various ones over the years—gave me access to some thing or someone special or powerful.

As I couldn’t sleep last night, I realized what groups have given me that I want you to have.

Being seen.

For me, it has been the boundlessness knowing that, no matter how much I screwed something up or how great a success I might know, there was a group of loving hearts nodding along. Saying “I see you.”

Tara Brach writes in her wondrous book Radical Acceptance, “The love and understanding of a friend, like a deep well of the purest water, refreshes the very source of our being. If all religions and great ideologies disappeared and our one pursuit was friendship—unconditional friendliness with each other, our inner life, all nature—ah, what a world!”

Yes, what a world!

The other benefits to me have been enormous too::

Seeing the world through eyes I would never have access to. When I see through Mark’s Sufi perspective or Michael’s Aussie adventures, my imagination and ability to serve soars.

Shortening the learning curve. Whether it was parenting or copy writing, thank god for that zoom factor. And for group members willing to say, “Yes, you put the link there.” (Or back in the breastfeeding days, “Yes you put the breast there. I know, it seems a bit forceful but…”)

Serving others you love. So much fun to brainstorm the idea that makes your friend’s life easier. So much grace n sharing the icky moments. So much pleasure in seeing the pattern left behind a bit more quickly.

Learning to receive support. I’m still leaning into this one—I’ll talk about in the course quite a bit – because it’s a sticking point for most of us. And yet without receiving, groups can’t grow because there is no flow and no deep learning. Our Brain Trust has learned to gently push each other, and to keep track of who never asks for help. Huge learning.

Getting free. On our last Brain Trust call one of us was certain there was no reason to ask us for help because there could not be a way out of the stuck he was in. 15 minutes later, we were laughing and he had a plan. Sweetness.

Thanks for listening to me carry on about why groups have been so central to my waking up. If you are ready to create this level of being seen and supported, join me by October 9th.



P.S. Here’s a passionate goofy video about the course. Click on the picture if you are reading this in an email.


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