Holy Selfishness

Nov 18, 2010

What is calling to you, what is yours to do in the world, is calling to you clearly.


What is calling to you to do is not one inch to the left or right, it’s not over there behind the potato chips – it’s exactly in front of you.

Yes, that flash, that gut pow, that “oh my god” you felt before you started to second guess… before a “better” idea called to you…. before you found yourself checking Twitter or organizing your FoxFire bookmarks —

that is IT.

What is calling to you is that which is so alive, so urgent, so blissful, you must shield your eyes from it.

It is that which you may think you do not deserve and certainly are not capable of giving birth to.

God is calling to you through THAT idea, that joy, that urgency.

Do whatever you want with the God word.

It’s so very tempting to get distracted, to hold yourself back, to apply the brakes and believe the thoughts that say, “It’s really complicated.You don’t understand. There are things to do first.”

Oh yes, darling, I do so understand those ever heavier temptations.

Think of Jesus in the desert, I’ll bet you the Devil said stuff like,

Look, the savior thing, cool, great idea, but you’re not quite ready yet. Another course, another year, another degree, then sure. Why not start a sandal company in the meantime?”

Do not start a sandal company.

And no, I’m not suggesting you need to be a savior of anything.

Jesus had a calling.

You have a calling.

And we all get tempted away from our callings.

Sometimes for days, sometimes for months, sometimes for our entire lives.

So here’s an idea, just for today:

Do not listen to your ego/lizard brain/ghost of your father who interrupts you with anything from a “better” idea to a mean voice to the importance of learning all about geckos. (I know, your son/daughter/neighbor just got one and it will die if you don’t research ideal gecko care right now and it’s all on your shoulders… really, I’ve heard this one before.)

Instead, breath, right here, right now.

Yes, now, not later.

A real soft belly breath.

In and out of your precious right here right now belly.

It’s okay to want what you want.

It’s how the Divine speaks to you – not through wanting the buttery leather boots or the second bowl of chocolate chip mint ice cream, but through wanting the “holy shit you can’t mean me” longings, ideas, and projects.

Breath and pick up your sword and cut through everything else that does not give voice and action to that longing.

Just for today, do not start a sandal company.

Jettison Self-Doubt and Lose the Itty-Bitty-Shitty Committee and Make Your Thing Now

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