Harry Potter Said Yes – Will You?

I haven’t read much about the significance of today’s date 11-11-11.

What I have picked up is that, in some lineages, it signals the possibility for immense healing.

That today is an invitation of sorts.

Hmmm…. I asked myself:

What if today, 11-11-11, offers a super-booster access to planetary change, to justice, freedom, and safety for all?

What if today, 11-11-11, opens a portal to greater wholeness?

What if today, 11-11-11, is conspiring to bless and help us follow our callings to be part of that healing?

Of course the next question that popped into my sweet mind, which made me gulp is: Will I accept the invitation?

Will you?

Because honestly, it’s 11-11-11 all the time. We’re being invited, supported, and even pressured, to say yes all the time.

That’s the shimmering inescapable truth.

Remember in the first Harry Potter book, how happy you were for Harry Potter when his invitation to Hogwarth’s came? And came. And came. Those creamy thick envelopes kept pouring in, and when that wasn’t enough, pow! Help arrived.

It’s like that for us, for you, too.

It’s 11-11-11 24/7 my darling.

The invites are always streaming in.

Which means – squeal of glee followed by a slight screech of fear – you can always, always, say yes.


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Ellie Di - November 11, 2011

I love how nerdy and awesome you are. <3

    jenniferlouden - December 9, 2011


sus_at_loose_ends - November 11, 2011


gwynmichael - November 11, 2011

YES! I don’t know if this 11 stuff has anything to do with it, but I felt a major shift in myself today!

cbreathes - November 11, 2011

Yes yes yes. We are doing it as we are, how we look, as we think and feel right now. I love how you remind us. And a little extra zoom from 11/11/11 for kicks!!!

LauraAllen - November 11, 2011


Beth Owl - November 11, 2011

And then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will yes.

lynne.mixson - November 11, 2011


Jill Salahub - November 13, 2011

Yes, please!

JnanaQ - November 13, 2011

I once got to stay at a Buddhist abbey, and in the middle of the night a tiny prayer wheel fell off the shelf above my bed. And as I sat straight up in bed, I heard a voice in my head clearly call, “Wake up!”

So, yes.

Bahiehk - November 13, 2011

This must be my favourite post about 11-11-11.

The invitation is always there. We are the ones who fail to see it!!

Thanks Jen.

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