Happy New Year & Little Pretty Gift for You + Good Wishes

Helllloooo 2015, Goodbyeeeee 2014.

A wish from my heart to yours for a 2015 brimming with::
Creative joy,
Compassionate grit,
A tenacious, light-hearted focus on your deepest desires,
Soul connections of the truest, richest kind,
Health shining bright and light,
And a deep ever-present remembrance of your basic goodness.

May you be a force of love in your world.
May you know how loved and cherished you are.
May you share your gifts boldly.
May you live with no holding back.

I am so grateful for our connection.


Jenny Be

P.S. Oh the gift: now until January 1st, this link automatically gifts you the first chapter of my new book, A Year of Daily Joy. The link expires January 1st so please click and download now. Feel free to share with loved ones, and if you haven’t taken me up on the groovy YEARLONG FRIENDSHIP + JOY PARTY, well, now’s the time! Just click here.

More love!

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