Happy Birthday For You

Nov 30, 2012

Today I turn 50.

The best way I know to celebrate this turn on my life’s odometer is to give you gifts because that makes me happy — that + yoga + meditation, then some novel writing, reading, a nap, finished with gluten-free pizza and champagne with my family.

Woo to hoo.

I love giving stuff away.  I would be so happy if I lived in the Star Trek world where we each make what we need with Replicators and then spend our lives doing what we love. I would do what I’m doing, but also be a greeter at the ferry for tourists and also walk around downtown Winslow (my little town) complimenting people and cheering them for their various dreams and desires.

So this blog today is my Replicator. It works by commenting and naming what you want out of the following list. Please comment by December 4th. I will randomly choose winners for each item – sometimes more than one. You must include your email for a chance to win — you can do that without anyone seeing it by filling in the Disqus form.

And now to the gifts!

TeachNow Self-Guided Version

A digital experience that helps people who want to teach and teachers who are teaching but not thriving (personally or financially). Called “best ever” by a whole bunch of people who have taken it before.

The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to A Mindful Year.

A beautiful gentle guide to getting more of what you desire in your daily life. I’ll be giving away one. This makes a grand gift for the teachers, babysitters, sisters, assistants, and work friends in your life.

“I just have to tell you how much your book has impacted my life. I am a huge ‘journaler’ and ‘planner’ so my Franklin Covey Planner and my journal are in my purse at all times. To put them together into a Life Organizer that includes getting in touch with my heart and what my soul really wants is like a DREAM COME TRUE for me. Thank you for creating a system that integrates all three in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or like another “task” to do. I just love sitting down with your beautiful book and journaling answers to the insightful questions (which always seem to be the right ones for that exact moment). It is like a breath of fresh air and I love it!” –Kristen

Shero’s Journey

A 5 module rollicking program + highlight notes on how to claim your power, trust it, and use it help your corner of the world.

The Satisfaction Finder Digital Kit

End Comparisons, Overwhelm, Procrastination and Lots of Other Persnickety Issues and Get Your Genius into the World

“There is great wisdom in the simplicity of this approach. I really have felt the delicious satisfaction of ‘enough’. I’ve already recommended it to everyone with whom I’ve had a conversation about that creeping sense of overwhelm. I will continue to sing your praises to all who will listen!” –Marianne Elliot

How to Create Your Own Mastermind Class

Need a soul posse to support your creative dreams? Your parenting journey? Building your on-line business? Planning your location independent lifestyle?  This course will get you up and running fast while giving you the depth and resources to keep deepening and growing your group. Self-guided. Gorgeous.

Virtual Retreat

A complete 3 virtual day retreat with beautiful how-to-retreat e-book. Includes sessions with Geneen Roth, Judith Orloff, Michael Neill, Laura Berman Fortgang, Barbara Sher, Susan Piver and more!

Sacred Pause Audio Retreat

A one-hour audio retreat that you can use as either a mini-retreat or expand into your framework for a longer retreat.

Comfort Secrets for Busy Women e-book

Out of my 6 books, I think this one is my favorite. Currently available only in e-book format, we will “ship” the winner a digital copy.

Again, here is how to play: name what you want in the comment section. Which goodies appeal?  Then please please please share this page with your social network or via email with friends — share the love.

Thanks for playing with me.

Jenny Be

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