How to Get a Creative Project off the Ground

May 15, 2014

Ever start a creative project – a poem, a painting, a business, even a new relationship – all gung-ho and focused…and then get distracted by new different ideas (oh, wait that one is so much better, I should do that instead!) or research (…first I need to order a few of these 7,000 titles and watch another 900 or so TED talks…) or maybe your thing is searching for the perfect support (“If I take that new program Jen’s offering, then I’ll be ready”).

In all the ensuing melee, your original effort may get forgotten, shunted aside, or dismissed as old hat.

Sound familiar? Sure does to me.

In this video romp, I share what to do at these moments of tender beginnings and how to nurture more of your projects to life. Stuff like:

  • How to hold your project lightly yet firmly
  • Why you might want to take a break from listening to outside advice
  • The importance of lightening up on your other desires for now
  • Just why all these great creative impulses are flowing to you

…and I forgot what else I said. But it’s good. So watch.

This is one of my favorite subjects. I want to teach more about it. We’ll talk about it in Taos.

I do hope the video is useful and my funny faces are entertaining, and far more, that you love the project you’re with!



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