Please Free Your Body + The Best Music to Move To

Apr 1, 2015

I believe in the joy of being in relationship with our bodies.
I believe in the transformative simplicity of letting our bodies move the way they desire.
I believe we all need to move our bodies in ways that allow our innate energy freedom to express.

Really that is all a fancy pants way of saying: I believe in moving!

But different than Zumba, different than yoga, different than walking…

It’s so simple and so life changing: ask your body how it needs to move.

And then let it.

Why is this a good idea?

  • To loosen stuck emotions that are lodged in your body and really do want to move and release.
  • To heal what needs to be healed through trusting your body.
  • To have fun and play – a huge human need that we too rarely tend.
  • To experience an intelligence beyond the mind – where freedom and peace live.
  • To move your precious body temple and love it as it is right now.

We do this at my retreats (October small group writing intensive to be announced soon – East Coast!!) and many people report this is their favorite thing.

Uncertain? Feels too weird?

Start with some stretches or simple yoga poses, or a walk in the woods, and then invite your body to take over… for a moment… a little bit here and there…

Keep gently asking your body, “How do you want to move?” and “What do you need to express?”

What kind of music helps?

Silence is a wonderful dance partner and sometimes when we feel stuck or self-conscious, a certain kind of music can make it easier to find our groove. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sheila Chandra, ABoneCroneDrone

David Darling, Cello Blue


Jai Uttal, Music for Yoga

Ennio Morricone, The Mission Soundtrack

Lévon Minassian

Claude Chalhoub

Of course you can buy these OR perhaps try putting them into Spotify or Pandora and see what comes up.

A few additional thoughts

  • Start small – dance for the length of one song.
  • Stop when you start to dance with your head or make your body move. Lie down, breathe, and welcome your body to direct your movements.
  • You may move big, you may move small, no matter. This is not exercise, this is time for your body to be felt.
  • Make yourself move the way you think you should, then pause and exhale loudly and ask your body what it needs.. then move between the two opposites.
  • Make nothing wrong – it’s all just an experiment.
  • Look for local offerings of 5Rhythms or Yoga Dance or other fun ways to move as a way to get started or feel held in this practice. And this is never needed.
  • Let this be a dance that grows out of your relationship with your felt experience of being alive.


Big hug to Camille Maurine who originally taught me to move this way so many years ago and turned me on to many of these musicians. Jai, Camille!

So much love to you!


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