[February] Jen’s Monthly Roundup

Jan 31, 2018

Happy February!
Have you heard the saying that February is the new January? In other words, it’s always a good time to begin again.
Speaking of which, I wrote this on my Facebook page and it got a ton of attention so I thought I would share it here. We will be exploring it in the Oasis this Friday!
“I recently had a bad experience with someone in a professional context. It left me so shaken I’ve found myself telling the story of what she did and didn’t do again and again… and again. Yesterday my friend the writer Lisa Jones and I were talking about how powerful words are and I remembered the advice Carolyn Myss gives: tell a story three times and be done with it.
I said to Lisa, “But I keep going on about this person because I can’t believe she did what did.” I understood then that the issue is not what this person did or didn’t do but my inability to acknowledge my own knowing. To put my hand on my heart and say “Something here feels off.” I have been looking for affirmation outside, “Can you believe this happened!” This is such a trap and a way I lose my own way, in business and writing and relationships.
Self-trust starts with trusting your perception. NOT because you are right and you should get all holy about it, but because it gives you a there-there to communicate and listen from.
Because your perceptions matter. They are the basis for your voice in your writing and any creative work you do and for intimacy and living your values!”
Come to the Oasis with us where we apply these kinds of ideas in practical ways!


Why You Can’t Possibly Be An Imposter

How to Stop Criticizing Yourself and Start (or Keep) Writing


What one project needs more focus, less distraction? Try to name just one for now. How would I know I was being more focused?
What would focus clearly look like? And then check: is that more focus or for longer than you can manage? Then make it smaller! Do not think bigger is better. Action is better!


The Wine Lover’s Daughter by Ann Fadiman – a memoir about her famous father, beautifully structured, impeccably written. Enjoyed immensely!
Pachinko by Min Jen Lee – multi-generational saga about the Korean Japanese war, could not put it down!
Onym – best writer’s naming resource ever! Tip from Jane Friedman!


Saying YES YES YES to WRITING my memoir even when life gets rocky (flu, minor surgery, spending way too much time preparing for Creative Live, my assistant giving notice on December 23rd at 4:30 pm).
Staying on my own side even when I feel like a total dolt as a writer and I could swear English is not even my fourth language.
Declining to be be impressed by my thoughts that I can’t do this and that it’s taking FOREVER.
I’m staying devoted. I’m showing up.
And if that isn’t something to be excited about, I don’t know what is.
What will you stay devoted to during this month of February? Keep the faith with me!

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