Falling into Flow: Writing Retreat Day 6

Falling into flow:
letting go of the guard rails of to-dos.
Sweet feeling of homecoming, creative return.

flash of fear out of the tail of my heart’s eye:
Who am I without
cool girl requests?
hot irons steaming in the fire?

Chuckle; return to center.
What a cardboard question.
False fronted ghost structure–
Go on, keep crumbling.

Meanwhile, idea fishes flash by
expansive inexhaustible pearled vastness:
I dive.

Past another fortress of brittle shrieking–
“What will this time off get you?”
“How dare you abandon your business, your clients, go silent?”
I keep diving, leave fortress to fall in on itself:
no graffiti.

Dive dive and find the famed field
beyond right-doing and wrong-doing.

There: totem dance.
Songlines reclaimed (yes even white girls get them)
apprenticed in the improv of wholeness.


A fancy-pants way of saying I am loving my deep dive time off. I am writing. I am dreaming. Ideas fishes flash by, all in the relief of knowing: I need not do or be anybody but me.

This 7 weeks mostly off is my present to myself for turning 50 on November 30th and I am also giving presents away to you.  Previous gifts are here and here. For today:

Gift Five

The Soul Deliverable Journal. A profound way to see and name your gifts, the things you can’t help but give and do. 52 sets of mindful questions. You can use over a year or a few months. Great companion to my wonderful book The Life Organizer (which makes a swell gift for clients, coaches, kid’s teacher, hint hint) and also includes my “black leather” story. For you.

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