Exhausted by the Pandemic? By Not Knowing?

Exhausted by the Pandemic? By Not Knowing?

Want to get your bother on starting now?

Read the first chapter from my new book for a jolt of fresh perspective and possibility, and a radical reframe on what to do when you are feeling lost, blah, unmotivated, or burned out, in any area of your life or for any reason — even success!

I think we can all agree that life is never certain, but these uncertain times are unusually uncertain and, I for one, am having fantasies of shopping in Target, which is usually my idea of purgatory. (I’m a terrible shopper.) That’s how tired I am of being confined to my home.

We’re all feeling especially unsure about what to do and what’s to come and especially EXHAUSTED by not knowing.

We’re missing the ground under our feet. We’re missing our routines (well maybe not all of them.) We’re pissed if we’re working hard and everybody else in the house is playing video games. We’re terrified about jobs and lost income and people we love getting sick.

I’m seeing my client’s and student’s hard-won confidence and creativity dipping low, as if the pandemic is draining it away.

I want to remind you there is no right way to do this. There’s no right way to face strange days. Whether thriving or struggling, frightened, or going about life as usual, focused or drifting, or a little of all that and more, it’s all okay — at least it is right now, in this moment, as you are reading this email.

In this sliver of time you’ve taken to connect with me, we are here together, breathing and remembering the ground is always here, underneath us, when we stop to feel it.

This is my wish for you — more moments to check-in, breathe, find your internal comfort, dissolve worry and fear, and embrace tiny structures of calm and focus.

So if this is something you could use more of, I want to invite you to join us in the Oasis, where we’re all experiencing a thrilling uptick of kindness and support.

Over the next couple of months, I’m pouring even more love into our work there. You can expect extra support, daily journaling prompts, and virtual co-working sessions, as well as a virtual desire retreat!

How does that sound?

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