How to Avoid the Overwhelm Infection

Jul 2, 2013

Ever find yourself in a good groove by:

  • Saying no
  • Asking yourself often “What do I want?”
  • Using the Satisfaction Finder.
  • Knowing your Minimum Requirements for Self-Care (explained in the Life Organizer & in a free audio when you subscribe here)

& generally doing what you love more often…. and then someone comes bombing into your space ranting about how busy they are, how much they have going on, or maybe just how many cool projects they are launching…

& you start to wonder… “Am I missing something? Am I getting lazy? Maybe I should up my game, add some more stuff, learn to tango, take up CrossFit, start my own microbrewery, adopt 27 cats…”

Before the overwhelm infection goes any further, I invite you to watch Spontaneous Video Wednesday in which I slap down overwhelm and call you into being a leader of sanity – for the planet’s sake!

We are the sane ones – some of the time – let’s not let the rest of the world take us down. Our sanity is service!

Love to hear what you think & what you do when you get infected (we all do). Your encouragement and comments are so wonderful. Thank you for every single one of them.


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