About two years ago, I asked my friend and writing mentor, Jeffrey Davis, a question that I recently learned has bore precious fruit for him, and is starting to inspire his tribe in wonderful ways.

Here is what Jeffrey said about our exchange during our TeachNow call last week:

“… Jen casually asked me two years ago, ‘You must be devoted to something. What are you devoted to?’ and I said, casually, ‘Writing and my patch of the planet” – until I remembered that in 2010 I became re-devoted to something I had said to my newborn during a hard time in my life: ‘I will wonder for you to create a world you cannot wait to grow up in and where grown-ups must grow young to sustain our planet.’ And that’s what I remind my best self of. Every. Single. Morning.”

Now it’s your turn:

What are you devoted to?

Ask the question while looking into the eyes of a beloved (pets count), while gazing at a cherished landscape, perhaps collage it in your art journal. What are you devoted to? Concentrate your devotion to its soul marrow, capture in a few words or a sentence or two. It need not be poetic or grand, only true to you.

Now here’s a daring suggestion: ask this question, “What are you devoted to?” at dinner parties, at your book club, of your students, clients, and co-workers. Convene a “What are you devoted to?” circle. Of course, share your own declaration of devotion to kick the conversation off.

If you wish, like Jeffrey, re-declare your devotion each day. On the couch with your coffee or in the mirror when you are brushing your teeth or before you open your email, speak your love.

Notice what happens when you live by what you are devoted to. Where does your devotion intersect with what you desire?

That feels so important and lovely to me. Thanks Jeffrey for sharing your practice!


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Devotion is the motion for a world that makes sense.
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