Desire is the ultimate magic-motivator

What if creating more of what you want this season has nothing to do with willpower and instead everything to do with desire?

Did you know when you tap into what you want and focus on the feeling vs. the outcome, you release neuromodulators that make it easier to take action?

Learn more in today’s audio. I look forward to hearing about how it lands, and if you have any questions.

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Celia Beaumont - June 3, 2019

My main thought, actually feeling, is one of huge gratitude. In a country where the exchange rate makes $$$ participation beyond my reach, this valuable guidance is even more valuable because it is generously given to someone (me) who is so eager and open and switched totally on to receiving and then running with it. Thank you Jen. Your “5 days to find your confident flow” in January was perfectly timed in my life and these “Winter Needs You” inputs also are arriving at the perfect moment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. xx

    jlouden - June 3, 2019

    Celia I am grateful for you for listening in!! We will follow this course with info about joining the weekly Oasis but feel free to opt out of those emails! My intention is always to freely offer info and then if someone wants more, great but never any pressure and the final training (recorded!) will add in anything else I can think of to make this work for you. Thanks!

Carol Savage - June 5, 2019

I am finding this really, really helpful Jen. It is perfect timing as I commit to moving forward with my creative practice. So exciting to truly feel that desire! Thank you so much and see you on the call later.

    jlouden - June 5, 2019


SaraM - June 6, 2019

This is well-timed, Jen! I love that you’re talking about how summer often feels like an expanse of time where we can get “sooo much done!” It absolutely feels that way to me, especially this year because I’m not teaching this summer. The truth is, those hours fill up quickly and before I know it, a day can slip by with little to no attention paid to my desires. I am writing this summer. More specifically, I’m immersing myself in the consistency of writing. One hour a day on my novel. At least to start. It may turn into more, but right now I want the sensation of coming to the work every day, with intention, repeatedly. Of not skipping days. Declaring it’s important enough to me to engage with it each day.

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